Nikon D7500, the Next Generation of Single Reflex Lens Camera

Another strong competitor from Nikon has just released to the global camera market on the late June 2017. It is the new Nikon D7500, a single-lens reflex digital camera from the trusted company Nikon Corporation. If you think that this is just like common SLR cameras, you’d better to read the explanation below.

Nikon D7500 Specifications

Nikon D7500

As mid-size SLR camera type, Nikon D7500 brings more practical body than the real SLR. It is packed inside 136 x 104 x 73 mm body dimension not including the prejection.

This size is specially designed to make it grip perfectly in most hand. Moreover, the magnesium alloy on each side will prevent this camera from getting slipped and dropped.

If you try to weigh it up, the overall weight is just about 640 gram including battery and card. The use of additional lens and accessories might add the total weight.

For your information, the overall case is constructed by metal, so it’s worth the weight. Available in black, this camera is representing professional-look and solid nuances.

Nikon D7500 featured 23.5 x 15.7 mm CMOS sensor with 21.51 million effective pixels inside. This sensor is supported by Image Dust Off and Image Sensor Cleaning for extra clean pictures result.

It is now possible for the user to get the maximum image resolution at 5568 x 3712 with RAW and JPEG formats.

The Nikon DX lens is ready with 51 point AF system for faster focus on low contrast and moving subjects. The good news is that the D7500 advanced 180k-pixels of RGB sensor to improve the accuracy of face detection.

Nikon D7500 front side

For video recording, this cool camera allows you record up to 30 minutes 4K UHD/30p video (as well as Full HD). It means that you are able to train your ability in both photography and video-graphy.

D7500’s powerful EXPEED 5 image processor will ease the 4K UHD video recording as well as handling fast continuous shooting. It reduces the lag and optimizes the use of battery power. For connectivity, built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support make it easier for you to share you most outstanding images.

Moreover, you can automatically upload all your files easily to Nikon Image Space to make the back-up files. Aside from having lots of image and video modes, in multiple exposures, you can combine maximum 10 images to be something beautiful. The special effects fill the soul in every single image you take depends on your needs.

Nikon D7500 front side

Thing you would like most is that the Nikon D7500 is set by EN-EL15a Li-Ion battery that can shoot 950 shots.

Last but not least, feel the easiness of image review and control from the 3.2” Tilting LCD Screen. Having more than 920k-dot, this panel delivers brilliant quality of graphic.

So, do you still believe that Nikon D7500 is just ordinary SLR camera after getting the review? The D7500 has what it takes to be a complete-packaging camera from both look and performance. The 21.51MP, smart sensor, EXPEED5, powerful battery, advance connectivity, and other superiority are more than enough to accompany your journey. Cost at 1.249 USD, this camera is worth the value.

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