LG Watch Sport Specifications: All You Need to Know about LG’s New Smart Watch

The competition between world-smartwatch manufacturers is getting tightened. And in the early of 2017, South Korean electronic mogul, LG, decided to re-enter to the game by releasing its new smartwatch products called LG Watch sport. Along with his sister, LG Watch Style, this smartwatch is basically a result of LG’s cooperation with Google. That’s why there is no wonder if both Sport and Style are considered as the first smart-watch product shipped with Android wear 2.0. So, how does the first Android Wear 2.0 Look like? Here is LG Watch Sport Specifications.

LG Watch Sport Specifications
LG Watch Sport: New Android Wear 2.0 Smart Watch from LG

LG Watch Sport Specifications

The world of smartwatch evolves so drastically in the recent years. If in the past smartwatch used to be a companion of smartphone, nowadays the trend moves to more independent smartwatch.

It means that modern smartwatch doesn’t need to be paired to smartphone anymore, because it can work individually.

Simply, we can say that independent smartwatch is a minimized smartphone in shape of watch. This kind of characteristic is also found in the new LG smart watch. If we look closer to the LG Watch Sport Specifications below, we’ll find out why this claim is relevant.

LG Watch Sport Design

First time looking at LG Watch Sport, you’ll notice that this watch is big and bulky. It’s even kick out Samsung Galaxy Gear S3, which is already bulky in 26 x 49 x 12.9mm.

For your information, LG Watch Sport is even bulkier than that. The dimension of this watch is measured at 45.4 x 51.21 x 14.2mm with 192 grams of weight.

As a weigh comparison, you can check Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 review in this page.

This is so reasonable because the manufacturer, LG seems to include too much components in one single watch.

However, with this kind of size, apparently this edition of LG smartwatch is really not for women, especially the one who has small wrist.

Bigger Body of LG Watch Sport by LG
Bigger Body of LG Watch Sport by LG

But, it’s lucky for this big bulky-sized smart watch for being accompanied by its supportive look. LG successfully brings the masculine impression to the watch, while at the same time, not losing its elegance.

You can see it from the titanium and blue color of the watch which is blended perfectly with the dark OS. More than that, this watch is also certified by IP68 certification. So, this is technically water and dust resistance.

Deep screen
LG Watch Sport Bright and Deep Screen

LG Watch Sport Display

One interesting thing from LG Smart Watch Specifications is the premium display it has. This is a 1.38 inch P-OLED screen display which is framed in round metal chassis.

Having 480×480 pixels of screen resolution and 348 ppi screen density, this display is able to deliver various range of color spectrum with great brightness and deep color. Plus, with such a bigger size display, control can be done more easily on the screen surface.

3 Functional Buttons of LG Watch Sport

But, if you find it difficult to control the watch through screen, you can also use the three buttons on the right side of the watch.

The big one in the middle is a digital crown button. You can use it to scroll or control the menus as well as to select items.

While the two smaller buttons on the side, you can personalize them as action buttons.

LG Smart Watch Strap and Casing

Strap plays an important role in being one attraction of smartwatch products. Many manufacturers allow user to customize the smart watch strap by making it interchangeable.

But, the case is different for LG. From most LG Watch Sport Specifications, we can see that the strap of this watch is not interchangeable, which means we can’t change the strap as we want.

But the good news is, apparently you don’t have to worry about it. From the internet, you can find many tricks to take off the strap from the watch. Even if it’s not really recommended, it’s still worth to try for you who want to express yourself through the watch strap that you’re using.

For the material, the strap itself is made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU ) rubber, which is light, and comfortably rounds to the natural wrist curve.

You might find that a few centimeters from the bands are thicker and more rigid. This is because these parts contain some antennas. This is one of the reason why replacing the strap is not really recommended.

LG Watch Sport Thicker Backside

For the casing, it’s already stated before that LG Watch Casing is made of metal. This material is chosen for its strength and more rugged look.

On the up side (watch face), the frame is higher few millimeters up from the screen to protect it from scratch. While on the underside, it feels a bit thicker because this is where the nano-SIM slot and heart rate sensors are planted.


LG Watch Sport Specification is epic. It has various features in one single smarwatch device. It’s already stated before that this watch is using Android Wear 2.0 OS with nano-SIM card slot.

Meaning that the Watch Sport can work individually without being paired to your smartphone. Even for some areas, in US for example, this watch is already able to access 4G LTE network by an exclusive with local operator.

Under the hood, LG Watch 2 has Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 as the processor. This is a premium processor from Qualcomm which is specified for wearable device.

While in the storage system, there is 4GB of ROM and 768 MB of RAM. It’s enough to store your music, photos, or any other kinds of file. With this combination, LG Watch Sport can perform faster to help out your daily mobility.

Charging System
LG Watch Sport Wireless Charging System

Beside the technology above, LG Watch Sport Specifications is also strengthened by several other features. As other sporty smart watch products, it has GPS for tracking.

It also has heart rate sensor, ambient light SENSOR, accelerometer, microphone, barometer, and speaker. While on the connectivity sector, we can find Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, and NFC. You can use the NFC for mobile payment as well.

Disappointment in LG Watch Sport

Indeed, with all those features LG Watch Sport Specifications should come superior as other competes such as Apple Watch 2 or Huawei Watch 2. However, all those imagination seems to fading if we look at the bulkier body and non-interchangeable strap.

This is still getting worst with the 430mAh battery capacity it has. This battery is charged by using wireless charging system. You may see that this capacity looks big. But, to be fitted in such a rich-features smartwatch with LTE capability, this amount of power can barely keep LG Watch Sport on for a day.

LG Watch Sport Price and Release Date

LG Watch Sport was firstly announced in February 2017. This watch has been successfully created many headlines at that time for being the first Android Wear 2.0 device released to the market. And also, it’s because LG Watch Sport Specifications which are rich and advance.

Lastly, if you are interested to this device, there are several prices available. In Google, this watch is sold in 349 USD.

In AT&T, the price is 249 USD. But, this price is bundled with 2-year contract, plus 45 USD for activation fee, and there is also 10 USD fee that should be paid per month. While in Verizon, it offers simpler fee scheme with only 379 USD for watch only, and 329 USD with 2 year contract included.

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