Nikon D900 Specification: Upcoming DSLR from Japan

It’s been very long time since Nikon launched their very first Nikon D series. Getting popularity with Nikon D800 and Nikon D810, Nikon continues its line with Nikon D900. Obviously, it is not an easy job for this Japanese Camera Mogul to create this product, considering that the two predecessors are already strong competitors. So, before the Nikon really announce this camera series, here is the prediction toward Nikon D900 Specification.

Nikon D900 Specification

There are so many rumors, wishes, and predictions spreading among photography enthusiasts, especially about Nikon D900 Specification. Apparently people are curious on what will be offered, how this camera looks like, and what upgrades will be planted in this upcoming flagship.

So, here we resumed some of them, taken from photograph blog, camera forums, and several other sources about Nikon D900.

Nikon D900 Camera Body

Within Nikon D900 Specification, Nikon D900 Body is one of the most wanted information. And to please your curiosity toward this camera body, here is the predictions taken from several sources. At glance, you can see that Nikon D900 seems to receive more portable and compact DSLR body.

Nikon D900 Specification Upcoming Monstrous DSLR from the Japanese Imaging Mogul

It will bring all-black domination over the camera’s case for solid and firm nuances. Its material is magnesium alloy. This is a durable material for dust and scratch protection, and it will be used to cover the body of D900. This material is also making it more comfortable for handling, and preventing from the sleek as well.

According to hearsay, there won’t be meaningful change in term of design, so Nikon fans must be familiar with it. The face of camera will be dominated by interchangeable lens, shutter button, and battery door.

Power on/off, built-in flash, mode dials and other functional buttons are reachable over the top-plate. Meanwhile, the rear body will be comfortable spot for camera control and image review. This part will be empowered by tiltable LCD Screen just like D500.

Nikon D900 Features

On top of Nikon D900 Specification, the one that should be noted is that this brand new DSLR will have redesigned shutter mechanism. This is the kind of mechanism which will be more reachable and responsive.

Talking about the camera, there is nothing more important than the image sensor. And for this aspect, D900 will have 52 megapixels sensor resolution, which will be set as the heart of camera. This sensor is rumored to feature Dust Reduction for extra clean and clear image quality.

Not stopping on that, Nikon D900 Specification is predicted to be empowered by FX-Format CMOS sensor technology. So, there is nothing to worry about the pictures quality.

Aside from that, the ISO setting is also getting upgraded. Feel free to adjust it from ISO 32 up to ISO 51.200 based on your needs. So, photographing in a low light will no longer be a problem in Nikon D900.

Nikon D900 Specification - Nikon New Big Sensor Camera

About Speed, now Nikon D900 will perform faster through its newest EXPEED 4 image sensor. Surely, it will be a plus for Nikon D900 Specification. Comparing to older one, this camera is indeed better in term of performance and battery optimization.

For videography, users are allowed to record 1080/60 fps Full HD or even 4K video format with built-in stereo microphone. Having this feature, there’s no doubt that the video quality will be outstanding.

For high-movement subject, Continuous Mode drive is a good choice. It results 7 frames per second by just pushing one button. The D900 is also rumored to have New Multi-CAM AF sensor for perfect focus result in every single image you are photographing.

Unfortunately many people say that there won’t be Optical Low Pass Filter. Last but not least, this Nikon will be compatible to dual memory cards; one XQD and one SD card.

Price and Release Date

Nikon D900 Specification - Nikon Upcoming Monstrous DSLR

Those are short predictions about the upcoming Nikon D900 Specification. We still do not know yet whether they are wrong or right. So, what we can do now just wait and see.

And if you are in search of new DSLR camera or upgrade the latest one, the D900 will be a good choice. Even there is no official confirmation about the launching time yet, the rumor said that it will be ready on 2018 or 2019.

And for the price, it hasn’t even confirmed yet. But remembering that the feature is much upper-hand than D810, surely the price will be higher than D810 price, which is around 3200 USD.

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