Fitbit Alta HR Review: Heart Beat Monitor addition, does it make the new Alta better?

FItbit Alta HR Review, In 2017, Fitbit decided to upgrade its popular smartband, Fitbit Alta, to the newer version of it called Fitbit Alta HR. HR stands for Heart Rate.

So Fitbit Alta HR is basically a Fitbit Alta device with the additional heart monitor feature. Is this upgrades resulting on something good from the original Fitbit Alta? Or Fitbit Alta HR is just another “average” smartband device? Here it is, Fitbit Alta HR Review.

Fitbit Alta HR Review

The trends of fitness activity have reached its culmination point in the beginning of 21st century. People nowadays are not only focusing on the aesthetical appearance of themselves, but also the health aspects.

As a consequence, it affects on the increasing popularity of health and sports business. But more than that, it also affects in the technological industry as well. And the obvious example for it is: smartband.

Fitbit Alta HR Review - Alta HR Variant
Fitbit Alta HR Review

One of the considerable smartband in the market is Fitbit Alta. Even though it has very basic features compared to its competitors, but the sleek and elegant design of Alta could attract many fitness enthusiasts.

And now, with the new upgraded version of Alta, how people will possibly react to this newly released fitness tracker? Check the Fitbit Alta HR Review below.

Fitbit Alta HR Impression

One of the highlight of this Fitbit Alta HR Review is that this smartband is quite good fashion choice. It has what it takes to be called “fashionable”.

But, when we look at features, the device’s felt so average. It’s like in the middle of the way between fashions of technology. Not going back, but not going forth.

Fitbit Alta HR Review

Yes, you can hope for steps counting feature, sleep quality monitor, calories burn, and other basic tracking features in the new Alta HR. But, you can’t hang too much on this device because in the first place, this device is not meant for serious athletes.

Fitbit Alta HR Design

Remembering that feature is not something you can hope for in this Fitbit Alta HR Review, so let’s just focus on the design. As we said previously, Fitbit has succeeded in bringing Alta HR design into the surface.

Compared to other competitors, the new Fitbit Alta is quite attractive. It’s sleek, elegant, light, and has a solid feel. Overall, the design is not really different from the original Alta.

Further, with the addition of heart rate monitor feature, Fitbit is still able to maintain its Alta HR dimension to be as sleek as the original Alta. And again, we find that Alta HR is really lightweight with its 15mm width.

For the strap, you can choose either you want to use small strap or the large one, the metal or the rubber one, everything’s up to you.

Fitbit Alta HR Interchangeable Strap
Fitbit Alta HR Interchangeable Strap

Simply speaking, the strap is really easy and interchangeable. You can personalize it as you want. If you don’t like the strap on your original Alta HR, you can replace it with another Alta strap.

All it takes is just swap it, and set another strap in it. More interestingly, Alta HR can also use the original Alta strap and vise versa.


Fitbit Alta HR Review

Even though Display is not an essential part for a smartband, but Fitbit Alta HR can maintain its screen to be so elegant.

Unlike some products such as Moov Now or Jawbone UP3, which are flawlessly goes to the market without offering screen, Firbit Alta HR is equipped with simple monochrome LED screen.

This is the same display as we can find in Alta 1.0. To activate the screen, you need to firmly tap it, scroll it, or simply just bring your wrist up to the face.

Through this small screen, you can see any incoming call, reminder to move, calendar alert, text message, and more. However, some people find it a little annoying because the screen input is not that sensitive. It’s such an unfortunate thing in this Fitbit Alta HR Review.


What highlights Fitbit Alta HR Review is just the heart rate monitor. Everything is relatively the same with the previous Fitbit Alta. Through Fitbit App, you can get the graphic of full-day heart rate as well as the resting heart rate.

Moreover, it also has some basic fitness tracker functions such as identifying your track of run, hike, walk, workout, outdoor-bike, etc. This feature works on the background, so that the batteries can life a little bit longer. Based on the regular use, battery can last for about a week.

Fitbit Alta HR Review - New Fitbit Smartband
Fitbit Alta HR Review

However, there is some misses that we think Fitbit should really think about. First, is the absence of water resistance feature.

With various brand out there which offer smartband product in relatively same price range offering water resistance or even whether shield capability, it seems like a sad thing if Alta HR doesn’t do the same.

And by this, Alta HR will not a best friend for swimmers. Furthermore, as fitness tracker, we think that GPS is essential too. But again, we can’t find it in the Alta HR.


Overall, Fitbit Alta HR is just “okay” smartband device. It has a good appearance, some basic fitness tracker functions, and heart rate monitor. But, for seriaus fitness enthusiast, we think that there are more options up there with more complete features.

So, everything’s lay on the price now. And remembering that Alta HR is aimed as an entry level smart band, hopefully the price will be affordable, which is it is. For you who want to afford Fitbit Alta HR, this device has started shipping by March 2017 with price around 129 USD.

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