Performance: Sony A5100 and Fujifilm X-A20

As we have known that Sony and Fujifilm are the same great brand in the field of mirrorless digital camera. To take photos and videos, they also have the same quality that are so excellent.

For the beginners, Sony and Fujifilm are suitable to learn and to explore their ability in photography.

For further information and consideration, it can help the readers especially for beginners, newbie, or camera users to choose between Sony A5100 or Fujifilm X-A20.

The more information and explanation of Sony A5100 and Fujifilm X-A20

Sony A5100
Sony A5100

Sony A5100

To begin the more information, the readers can see from Sony A5100 first. This is a small and lighter camera with the weight about 399 grams includes battery. Sony A5100 has kit lens 16-50 mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS.

For the material, this camera uses plastic and the texture depends on the color variation chosen. For the white color, it has titanium texture which is so smooth like metal, then for the black color, it has rough texture like orange-peel.

Features on Sony A5100

Talking about the flash, this camera is included with flash on the top. In addition, Sony A5100 also has feature of selfie mode which complete with LCD screen rotation up to 180 degrees.

Besides that, this camera has sensitive and responsive touch screen LCD to decide focus area. Furthermore, the other feature is Wi-Fi built in to transfer file, photos, and video to smartphone or computer.

Performance of Sony A5100

To take photos from beginning, the photographers only need to wait 3-5 seconds to start up till the camera is ready. When the camera is ready to capture, the performance is faster than previous when the camera off.

Then, to capture image or photo in RAW format, photographers just wait about 1-2 seconds to show the photos result on the screen.

Image Quality

As we have known that generally, Sony pictures’ result is always bright and light even though the pictures are taken in the darkness. Sony Alpha 5100 has sharp lens with Sony Zeiss about 24 mm f/1.8.

When the photographers get dazzled in capturing photos, Sony A5100 has Sunny Weather menu to help the camera users in shooting the pictures. In addition, this mirrorless camera has high resolution about 24 MP APS-C sensors.

The next is more information about Fujifilm X-A20

Fujifilm X-A20

To compare the camera of Sony Alpha 5100, Fujifilm X-A20 is a small and lightweight retro design camera. It has 494 grams for the weight and the XC 15-45 mm F3.5-5.6 OIS PZ kit lens.

Certainly, this camera is heavier than Sony A5100. It is also a stylish and retro design camera which has 16.3 MP APS-CMOS sensor.

Features on Fujifilm X-A20

This camera has many features that easy to learn for newbie or beginner. The features are selfie mode, flipped screen until 180 degrees, wireless communication, smart flash system, self-portrait group, etc.

To compare Fujifilm X-A20 with Sony A5100, X-A20 has additional feature that A5100 doesn’t have it. The feature is self-portrait group. To relate those features, this article will show you from the Fujifilm performance first of X-A20.

Performance of Fujifilm X-A20

It has good performance and work faster. It happens because Fujifilm X-A20 has a good processor that can reproduce the lighter color when the camera user wants to get the great photos result.

Besides that, to create amazing photos, X-A20 able to reproduce the skin tones using advance skin tone reproduction feature. Furthermore, the camera user will get some artistic effects using 6 film simulation mode and 10 creative filters mode.

Image Quality

To result the best picture, Fujifilm has 16.3 MP and camera resolution about 12 MP following to FUJINON lens. Through the FUJINON lens, the sensor, and the processor, camera X-A20 is a digital camera that can convince the camera user to take the photos. Believe that Fujifilm X-A20 is the satisfaction camera to choose.

To explain the camera sensor, it has X-Trans CMOS II to support to generate the great image. Fujifilm X-A20 also has ISO feature with sensitivity level 100-12.800.

It means that the camera user can take object easily with the limpid result although the photos taken in a lightless condition. Furthermore, X-A20 has good processor namely EXR II as its mirrorless camera.

To support the camera, Fujifilm X-A20 also has flash system feature. This feature helps the camera user to get the best image when take photos in the darkness. Smart flash system helps the camera user to control the light out on camera. Moreover, it makes the image has a natural color result.


As the conclusion, both Sony A5100 and Fujifilm X-A20 has the similar quality on image quality and performance.

The most differentiation is only on camera in which X-A20 has 16.3 MP then Sony has 24 MP. Fujifilm has feature of self-group portrait while Sony doesn’t have it.

For the similarity, Fujifilm and Sony have an ability to produce the best photos even though the photos are captured in the darkness.

It is supported by sharp lens and Sunny Weather on Sony, then smart flash system and ISO feature on Fujifilm. Hopefully, this article can help the readers to choose and consider their choice. (fs)

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