“ZNG” as the Next Generation Camera from Nikon

To improve the professionalism, Nikon would like to introduce the newest type of its camera. ZNG which is stand for Nikon camera Next Generation. It is namely to mark the next series camera that has more complete features. The features are professional audio recording, an integral battery grip, and dual card slots. To make it clear, there are more detail explanation about Nikon ZNG.

Nikon ZNG as the exclusive camera

What makes this type become special?

Besides completing with an integral battery grip, dual card slots, and professional audio recording facilities, Nikon ZNG has an ultra-high resolution which is featuring with new Z Mount.

ZNG as the next series of mirrorless camera, it provides an ability for the photographers to capture the image in expert quality. Using this camera, photographers able to generate the most clear and vivid picture.

Furthermore, this type of camera is completed by NIKKOR lenses. By developing that lenses and this new mirrorless camera, it allows the new dimension in optical performance based on the adoption from a new Mount.

In 2018, Nikon company has launched Z6, Z7, and new Z Mount. When the company launching these Nikon cameras, these types have an adaptor on camera and the new ZNG to complete with the NIKKOR F Mount lenses.

How is the system of Nikon ZNG?

Through the outstanding performance and Nikon reliability, it becomes the characteristics of Nikon-DSLR camera. In addition, from several decades Nikon has many feedbacks from the professional photographers around the world. Hence, the Nikon’s system is based on its result which has supreme optical and manufacturing power of imaging expertise.

Detail features of Nikon ZNG series would be:

Nikon ZNG
Slot Memory Cards of Nikon XQD
  • It has two separate XQD and/or Cspeed card slots.
  • It consists of a higher resolution BSI CMOS sensor of approximately effective 60 MP (Mega Pixels) to outperform the current class leader, the Canon EOS 5DSR at 50.2 MP, and the two leading Nikon cameras, the Z7 and D850, both of which boast over 43 MP.
  • Comparing with others type, Nikon ZNG has a larger form factor than the Z6 and Z7, incorporating an integral vertical battery grip. In appearance, this mirrorless camera is similar with Nikon Z Mount.
  • Then, it can be a Z Series forward-shifted to create a D6 equivalent replacement camera.

It still related to the features above, the integral battery grip would come in two variants:

  • Variant 1. As per usual, with vertical-orientation controls to supplement the regular on-body controls.
  • Variant 2. This camera consists of a set of compact but fully-formed pro-spec audio controls. It includes dual XLR sockets with +48V phantom power, a stereo input channel for the camera’s own built-in microphones. Besides, it has a stereo line level or USB input for external line level audio sources, such as an external mixing desk or CD player.

Then, this variant of internal battery grip also could be model on the feature set of the Tascam DR-70D 4-channel recorder for DSLRs. This type both (A) and (B) could reduce the need for external audio hardware and prevent audio from being the “poor relation” to video.

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Next, ZNG will come with either a bundled copy of Adobe Lightroom or Aurora HDR software, or a reverse-engineered Nikon equivalent. Either in camera or software, this feature also would be an equivalent of the Variable Focus Depth feature on Apple’s new iPhone XS/XS Max.

Therefore, it provides an HDMI output to allow use with an external high res monitor. It also facilitate the use of extra software features, as well as interfacing with SSD high-capacity storage and MacBook Pro video editing on-site.

The last, the complete package would be with the new and forthcoming additions to the S Line lenses. It could provide a complete “go to” system for both photography and videography with few compromises for either discipline.


In short, Nikon ZNG (Z Next Generation Series) is the best digital mirrorless camera with NIKKOR lens. It is the upgrade camera from the combination of Nikon Z6, Z7, and Z Mount.

Through those combination, it results the great ever professional brand that has more complete features to generate the richest image. Not only resulting the best image, but also Nikon ZNG has very excellent system in which has been trusted by the most photographers over around the world.

Therefore, Nikon is known as the world leader in digital imaging, high precision optics photo and video. In performance and designing product, Nikon also has new standard setting. The setting array enables the camera users to create visual story telling and content creation.

Based on those credibility and quality, Nikon has distributed as many as professional DSLR cameras and other products to the consumers, such as NIKKOR optics, NIKKOR lenses, Nikon COOLPIX® compact digital camera, Nikon software products, and speedlights and system accessories. Thank you very much for reading this article, hopefully it can be beneficial for all the readers needed. (fs)

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