How RFID Blocking Wallet Could be Your Personal Data Shield

RFID blocking wallet, Since the invention of RFID a long time ago, the usage of this technology has grown. From just a simple usage as a goods identifier, now it is applied in so many aspects of life. It is used in the communication technology, automotive, security, as well as the monetary.

Not to mention, the use of RFID technology in the monetary aspects has also been viral with the presence of credit card and ATM. But, as this new monetary equipment discovered with its whole security system, the new way of pickpocketing is also developed by using the same technology, RFID.

And to anticipate this unfortunate thing happen to you, protecting yourself by using the same technology, RFID Blocking Wallet, could be the best way to take.

Why do We Need RFID Blocking Wallet

How RFID Blocking Wallet Could be the Shield of Your Personal Data.(1)

The invention of RFID Blocking Wallet is related to the high number of modern pickpocketing. This pickpocketing is not targeting your cash, but it targets the higher amount of cash.

They’re targeting bank account information, credit card, ATM PIN, and other sensitive information. Then, how this new way of pickpocketing technique could possibly happen?

To understand it, we need to know the basic principle of RFID usage in monetary aspects first. So, here is the explanation about it.

How RFID Chip is Used in the Modern Card

Not only on the monetary aspects actually, but the modern pickpocketing also happen to every card with RFID chip embedded in it such as ID card, passports, and driving license. This chip contains essential information about the card.

In the credit card for example, the RFID chip is capable to store the information about user identity, latest transaction, PIN number, bank account information, and others information that is covered with the layer of security system.

How RFID Blocking Wallet Could be the Shield of Your Personal Data..(1)

To read the information inside this chip, we need to use the match RFID reader. This reader, reader will read the information inside the chip wirelessly from couple feet away.

Paired with some tricks, someone can just break this security system, and get access to all of the information inside. Then, they can use the fake card with the stolen information to do transaction.

But, the more critical thing is not only on the amount of money can be stolen. But it is more on the way this way of pickpocketing happens. This process can be done wirelessly and silently, undetectable, and it doesn’t even need a direct contact.

So, could you imagine when you go to the mall, and you found your ATM card is empty, and your credit card bill turns to be unbelievable? That would be crazy. This is when RFID Blocking Wallet is needed.

Anticipating Modern Pickpocketing with RFID Blocking Wallet

How RFID Blocking Wallet Could be the Shield of Your Personal Data(1)

Then, to anticipate this thing to happen to you, there are some possible ways to take. Firstly, you can wrap your RFID chip-contained card in aluminum foil. Therefore, the cards will be protected from any interference outside signal.

But, this way is considered as not really sophisticated and less-fashionable. Another option is by using armourcard, a card that can create a shield around your wallet, so that the interference signal will not be able to get in. But, due to the impractical use and high price of this card, it leads us to the last option, using RFID Blocking Wallet.

The principle of an RFID Blocking Wallet is similar with the armourcard. This wallet is completed with RFID equipment inside the wallet. This RFID equipment is able to generate shield around the RFID Blocking Wallet.

This is the shield that will block the outside electromagnetic energy that is sent by outside RFID device. So, the RFID equipment inside will not be able to sent out its sensitive information without user’s permission.

That’s the basic function of RFID Blocking Wallet. With this kind of wallet, you could just protect your essential information inside the RFID card such as ATM, Credit Card, Passport, ID Card, and others.

Therefore, the new ways of pickpocketing that uses RFID technology will not happen like ever. Finally, we hope this article is useful, and it can increase your awareness toward the security of your assets. So, whenever you are worrying security, RFID Blocking Wallet will be the best choice to take.

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