Understanding RFID Reader: What It Is & How Does It Work

RFID technology has been used since so many years ago for several purposes. Mainly, it is used in industrial sector to bring ease in identification process. To do this function, this technology is divided into two types, RFID tagging and RFID reader. But, before we go further into this matter, let us talk about the detail of RFID technology first.

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. This technology employs electromagnetic fields to track and identify tagging device that is implanted or attached in an object automatically.

This tag contains information that is stored electronically inside it. And this information will be read by the RFID reader when both devices pass each other. Unlike barcode that can only read one time by the current device, the RFID tag can be read hundreds of time.

The use of these RFID reader and tag are various. Mostly, these devices are used in several industries such as automobile, pharmaceutical, livestock, Airport, warehouse, logistics, and others.

Technically, RFID technology is divided into two types, they are RFID reader and RFID tag. RFID reader, or usually called interrogator, is defined as a device that gives access between the tag and the software in the enterprise system that needs particular information.

While the tag is an ID system that employs small identification device of radio frequency for the purpose of tracking and identifying. Both reader and tag work together in pair to provide users the easy-accessed data.

There are three types of these pairing system. They are Passive Reader Active Tag (PRAT), Active Reader Passive Tag (ARPT) and Active Reader Active Tag (ARPT). The detail of these systems will be explained in below explanation.

Understanding RFID Reader: What It Is & How Does It Work..

PRAT (Passive Reader Active Tag) is a pairing system with passive RFID reader that only receives data (Radio Signal) from the tag. The tag here is classified as the battery-operated-active tag one since it uses battery as power source and can transmit Radio Signal. Then, for the Active Reader Passive Tag (ARPT), it consists of active RFID reader which can transmit interrogator signals that will be replied with authentication from the passive tag.

Then, for the Active Reader Active Tag (ARAT), the pairing system has both data transmitter in the RFID reader and in the tag. There are some variations of the active tag here. Firstly, we have tag that is always active and send the data to the reader.

Secondly, there is also a variation of tag that will be awoken by the interrogator signal from the reader. This kind of tag uses Battery-Assisted Passive (BAP). Therefore, the tag will act like a passive one, but it will be active and send the signal when it gets interrogatory from the reader.

RFID Reader Needs SDPPI Type Approval Before Marketed in Indonesia

Understanding RFID Reader: What It Is & How Does It Work.

As stated before, without radio frequency, both RFID reader and tag are not able to work. That’s why both devices are classified as post and telecommunication devices. And based on the Indonesian regulation No. 161 Tahun 2019 about telecommunication devices certification, every communication device that still being produced, assembled, used and traded in Indonesian territory, are mandatory to have type approval certification.

Therefore, before distributed in Indonesia, RFID reader and tag should obtain SDPPI Type Approval certification first. Read More about RFID testing standard in: RFID Testing

Well-Known Brands in the Market

Understanding RFID Reader: What It Is & How Does It Work.

When you are about to buy RFID reader, there are so many brands in the market. For you who have never known about this technology before, it must be difficult to choose. Therefore, we give you some suggestion about several upper hand brands that can be trusted.

They are Raysco, RFID Sampls, Intermec, ThingMagic, Impinj Speedway, RF MAX, U Grok It, Alien, TSL, SkyeTek Supernova, and Zebra.

We arrange the list above from several trusted sources. But, if you have any idea about other RFID reader brands that as qualified as them, you can contact us or put your comment below. Finally, that’s all of our talking about RFID reader and tag products. And we will keep you update about the recent technology issue in our other articles.

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