What is Enterprise Digital Assistance

Some people may be mistaken in differentiating an enterprise digital assistance and an old fashioned smartphone. It is because apparently, both devices share the similar look.

But, when it comes to the specification, we will find the significant differences between both devices. It is not really surprising actually, since basically both of them have basic different of specialization.

Defining Enterprise Digital Assistance (EDA)

What is Enterprise Digital Assistance(1)

Then, what it means by enterprise digital assistance?

Enterprise Digital Assistance (EDA), or usually called Batch Terminals and portable, is a personal computer that adopts the handheld concept for robust and extensive usage of the Small to Medium Company (SME). Mostly, this device is used as mobile capturing data device.

Enterprise Digital Assistance has been used in so many kinds of industry. Some industry such as Inventory Control, Field Services, and Warehouse Management are using this device to collect the important data. Moreover, this device also allows business application to mix their data collection requirements to this portable device.

Differences Between Enterprise Digital Assistance, Smartphone, and PDA

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As stated before, some people may have difficulties in differentiating an Enterprise Digital Assistance, Personal Device Assistance, and a smartphone. This is the common thing that happens since all of the devices have the relatively similar appearance. Indeed, smartphone and PDA only have slight difference, or even same.

But, the difference between both PDA/smartphone and EDA is quite significant. Unlike PDA/smartphone, EDA has longer-term of daily operation. Further, it also has higher impact, ingress protection, and drop rating than any other kind of PDA/smartphone. In addition, it usually has more than one data collection function too, such as RFID technology and Barcode reader.

Moreover, just like in PDA/smartphone, EDA may include IrDA, touch screen, memory card, and Bluetooth. But, in EDA, you can also find data capturing features. Moreover, EDA also has higher level of availability than PDA and smartphone. It is available in various kinds of platform. They are WindowsCE, Windows Pocket PC, Palm, DOS, Windows XP Tablet Edition, Linux, Android, and other reliable OS.

Another significant different between PDA/smartphone is on the specialization of this device. PDA/smartphone is designed for a single person usage, while the EDA is a multi person usage especially for business application. Moreover, EDA is also perfect for hazardous and harsh environments.

That’s why we often find EDA comes with external battery packs, printer carry cases, and panel antenna. The aim of this antenna is to create high wireless WAN/LAN/PAN, data communication, and VOIP functionality.

EDA Needs to Obtain SDPPI Type Approval Certification Before Marketed in Indonesia

What is Enterprise Digital Assistance.(1)

As stated before, Enterprise Digital Assistance has so many connectivity availabilities such as Bluetooth, Wireless WAN/PAN/LAN, RFID, Low power, and others. It means that they employ frequency to work. That’s why they are classified as the post and telecommunication devices. And as we all know, all of the communication devices, including EDA, need to obtain SDPPI certification before distributed in Indonesia.

As stated in Indonesian regulation No. No. 161 Tahun 2019 about telecommunication devices certification, every communication device that is still being produced, assembled, used and traded in Indonesian territory, are mandatory to have type approval certification. Therefore, for all Enterprise Digital Assistance manufacturers don’t forget to get the SDPPI Type Approval Certification before marketing your products in Indonesia.

Some Well Know Enterprise Digital Assistance Companies

The number of companies that produce Enterprise Digital Assistance is as high as the order toward this device. And if your company is about to buy EDA device for your company, there will be so many manufacturers that offer in their products in the market.

They are Agnisys, Inc., Altium, Cadence Design Systems, CadSoft Computer, EasyEDA, Dolphin Integration, Eremex, Intellitech, Intercept Technology Inc, and Invionics. further, other manufacturer such as JEDA Technologies, VisualSim Architect, NanGate, National Instruments, Proteus Design Suite, Pulsonix, Silvaco International, Ucamco, Upverter, Inc., Xilinx, Zuken, Inc. can also be considered.

That’s all of information about Enterprise Digital Assistance that we need to share. We hope that this information will be useful for you in deciding what the best EDA product for your company. Moreover, if you have idea or suggestion about this device, the comment session below is opened to contain your thought.

Finally, that’s all of our discussion, we hope this article can be useful in educating you about EDA in general. Thank you.

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