Saddlebags for Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS

Saddlebags for kawasaki, – Kawasaki Vulcan S Saddlebags are kind of things very special and important for you. This item is very suitable for you or people who love to travel a lot.

And by installing this item to your motorcycle, you can carry things on your motorcycle without any uncomfortable feeling. Besides, keeping things in the saddlebags will be more safety.

And of course, all your personal items will be there until you need it and take it out. Basically, these saddlebags are installed in the left and right side of your motorcycle on the back side.

So, you can carry your things without have to be interrupted and free from any uncomfortable atmosphere.

Saddlebags for Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS

Byway, see the example my Saddlebags for kawasaki. I’m using HD V-ROD, Year 2012 :-)

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What is in the package?

Saddlebags for a Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS
saddlebags for kawasaki

You can buy this item on the online store. It is better if you head to the official website of Kawasaki motor and find the accessory’s tab.

On the submenu you will see all accessories and hardware that could be installed on your motorcycle as long as they are compatible. In case you want to know the specs and what you will get, here they are.

The saddlebags for motorcycle are made of high quality material and covered with vinyl with marine grade.

So, if your concern is about durability then we can say that these saddlebags are very durable. The outer layer is wrapped with leather trim in genuine and classic cruiser look. Classic things are never old.’

You will see a pocket on the interior side. You can use it to keep documents and papers separated with other things. So, your important paper will be more protected as well. Actually, this bag understands the owner.

Since there will be so many things on the inside of the bag, it is equipped with magnetic clasp in order to keep the convenient of your item.

Besides, it helps to make the cover unopened due to the rocky bumpy road. The bag is easy to access and keeps your items safe.

The installation is very easy. To mount the bag, you only need to buy the bracket kit and the supports as well. Once they are installed, it will be easier if you want to remove or resemble.

Read kawasaki vulcan 650 manual for sure

Since this saddle bag is requiring the Bracket Kit and Saddlebag Supports, you will need to buy them because they are sold separately.

But do not worry because the items are easy to find. Even you can get them on the dealer.
It is sold in a pack with two saddlebags in it. It is simple and comfortable for both you and items in the bag.

The price and shipping – Saddlebags for Kawasaki

Saddlebags for Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS
saddlebags for kawasaki

You can get the Kawasaki Saddlebags at the accessory stores especially in the Kawasaki dealer. They will allow you to see and touch before buying.

But if you purchase it at the official website of Kawasaki, you can get a set of saddlebags (without bracket kit and saddlebag support) for only 480 US dollars. The package will be at your home for 5 up to 7 days after purchasing 2015 Kawasaki Vulcan S Saddlebags.

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