Samsung JS9500, A PowerfulSmart TV from Samsung

Samsung JS9500, – Talking about LCD Color TV, you will find so many kinds of it in the market. From the small size until the biggest one, from the unfamiliar brands until the most popular one, all of them offer their own features and technology.

Indeed, it is a good news, but sometimes it’s confusing though, especially when you are about to buy one. You must be confused about which brands is better, which technology you should choose, etc. And to overcome this thing, we give you a reference about one product that we think superior than others. So here it is, Samsung JS9500.

Samsung JS9500 Specifications

Samsung JS9500, A powerful Smart TV from Samsung(1)

From the first sight, we know that this device is not a common product. Talking about design, this new television device from Samsung comes with the classy elegant design. The square shape is covered with solid and materials make it look even more elegant.

Moreover, with the metallic silver bezel that coats the screen edge of SAMSUNG JS9500, this TV series looks even more futuristic, so contrast with the glossy black screen it has.

Compared to the other Samsung TVs or even other same-size-LED TVs in the market, Samsung JS9500 series is relatively thicker and heavier as well with the rounded surface on the back. This is because this TV uses full array technology as opposed LED backlit.

You also need to look down from the top of the device to understand what makes this TV heavier and thicker. There, you will see camera. With this kind of shape and thickness, this TV is not really good to be wall-mounted. But, it will be perfect for the desk.

Moreover, in this edition of JS series, Samsung also decided to remove some buttons that you can find in previous series. Some buttons such as Rewind/fast/forward, voice search, and keypad button will not exist anymore.

The function of these buttons will be transferred into the lean and small remote. It seems like Samsung decided to give total redesigning to the Samsung JS9500 remote becomes even smaller and leaner. Therefore, you can control it easily.

In addition, this remote also comes with so many improvements especially in its menu system. Here, you only need to lay your finger right on the pointer button which has touch-sensitive technology. Then, you can summon the basic menu which will appear on the bottom, top, and left sides of the screen. There, you can find Menu/123, volume, Smart Hub, and other typical Samsung TV menus.  You can also dive to overlay while the main show are played.

Further, this TV looks so expensive with bunch of features it has. This product proves that Samsung never miss even a single detail on their TV product.

For example is the use of local dimming technology to create better picture enhancement. This is a technology that enables the LCD TV to independently dim or brighten only on the specific areas of the screen to increase contrast.

Samsung JS9500, A Powerful Smart TV from Samsungm(1)

Moreover, here we also have full array technology that placed LEDs that provide illumination behind the screen for controlled dimming in order to create better brightness and contrast. The other attraction of this TV is that Samsung JS9500 is already able to play High dynamic range (HDR) content.

With this ability, we can say that this is a big step taken by Samsung, even beyond 4K technology. So far, it is only a few products that have this feature.

Then, we can also find OneConnect connection box that improves connectivity, software, and processing. This connection is using octa-core processor, New remote, Tizen Smart TV OS, HDMI 2.0/HDP 2.2 inputs, HEVC codes, and also VP9. In addition, in the time when most manufacturers lose its desire in making 3D TV, Samsung still concern with this market by installing 3D technology to Samsung JS9500.

That’s all we can explain about Samsung JS9500. If you are interested to this new product, you can afford it with price around 1500 USD. This is quite worth price compared to the features that you’ll get. However, all the choices are in your hand. All you need to do is considering that this product is really good for you or not. And one think should be noted, be a smart consumer.

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