Digital Media Receiver, Your Instant Digital Content Provider

In the recent time, putting CD or DVD Player into a car seems so old-fashioned. Now we need something more simple, elegant, and able to connect to our personal devices. Here is where Digital Media Receiver shows off.

This is a compact device that will perfectly fit in your car and able to connect to your personal device such as smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. then, what digital media actually is and how does it worked?  Below is the explanation about it.

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Digital media receiver, of usually called mechless receiver, is a kind of stereo system, but without built-in CD or DVD player. As the sound source, this device employs SD card slots, USB ports, iPod connections, auxiliary input, and others.

Even the recent technology has used frequency from Bluetooth and Wireless to transfer the audio files. Moreover, you can also pair this device to your TV to see movies from some portals such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc.

Digital Media Receiver, Your Easy-Accessed Digital Content Provider(1)

This device is getting popular these days, since many networks contents provider such as CNN, ABC, CW, CBS, FOX, MTV, Bravo, Food Network, and others started to offer their content online. Therefore, by using digital media receiver, you can stream these channels without installing TV cable first. Of course, you can save more money by this. With this reasons, people start to pay their attention on Digital Media Receiver.

Then, we understand there must be pros and cons in every technology, especially on digital media receiver. And to explain about this thing, let’s start from the good news. Firstly, by using this device, you will be able to access the full popular TV shows episodes or movies.

And the interesting here is that you can access them in high definition. Moreover, you can also instantly download or stream your favorite shows, so you can watch it whenever you’re free.  With this features, you don’t even need to pay monthly DVD recording subscription such as Tivo.

However, we also have several cons about this technology. Firstly, digital media receiver commonly doesn’t provide you an access to Live show, so it sometimes a little bit disturbing when you are about to watch your favorite live show.

Moreover, not all content providers provide the full episodes. In addition, for you who like to watch live sport report, using this digital media receiver might be a little bit annoying since it is quite difficult to access sport with receiver.

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Digital Media Receiver Needs to Obtain SDPPI Type Approval

Digital Media Receiver, Your Easy-Accessed Digital Content Providerl(1)

With the fast development of technology, now we can find so many kind of digital media receiver. Some of them are hooked up with TV, and the other are hooked up with cars. All of them are completed with recent technology.

For example, for the connectivity many companies have installed several features such as Bluetooth, NFC, and Wireless. The presence of these features obviously has succeeded in bringing more ease to the user.

However, with the presence of this technology, it means that digital media receiver is classified as post and telecommunication device. As a result, before legally distributed to Indonesia, digital media receiver need to obtain Indonesian SDPPI type approval certificate.

As quoted from Indonesian regulation No. 16 Tahun 2018 about telecommunication devices certification, every communication device that still being produced, assembled, used and traded in Indonesian territory, is mandatory to have type approval certification.

Some Well Known Brands

Speaking of truth, there is a lot of qualified digital media receiver brands. All of them can meet the needs of consumers perfectly. But, if we talk about the popular brand, we have some names on the list. They are Pioneer, Kenwood, JVC, SONY, Power Acoustik, Clarion, Boss, Planet Audio, and Soundstorm,

However, we know that the list above can’t cover the whole qualified Digital Media Receivers manufacturers around the world. But, we think at least this list can be a reference for those who are about to buy this device. And for the manufacturers, if you think your product deserve to be listed in the list above, all you need to do is contacting us or just put your thought in the comment section below.

Finally, that’s all we can explain about digital media receiver. Hopefully this article can be a reference for you in deciding the best product for your own.

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