An Explanation to Set-Top Box

Set-top Box, The world of Digital television is getting bigger. Not it can be seen from the content of TV shows that is getting richer by the time.

Just take a look at some shows or movie that already used 4K technology. Or some other shows that adopt the 3D technology.

All this technology forces us to use high-tech TV device to enjoy the whole features of TV content. Further, not only about the content, the way TV shows are broadcasted is also getting varied too.

If in the old days we see the conventional ways in broadcasting TV signal, nowadays we have various kinds of it.

Some TV contents are broadcasted through cable and telephones, some others via satellite, while the rest are broadcasted from the internet network.

And to catch these signals as well as displaying it on the screen, we need a TV tuner input device. Here is where we need a Set-top Box.

What Set-top Box Actually Is

Set-Top Box, a Digital TV Receiver for Better Audio Video Quality

Almost every day we watch TV, enjoying the content that broadcasted through several media. And almost every day we operate this device. But in fact, not all of us know perfectly each parts of the television that they own, including for this device, a Set Top box.

A Set Top Box, or usually written Set-Top Box, might not really familiar for most people. While in fact, they use it in everyday life.

This is because in some cases, people mention a Set top Box in different local term, so that the definition of this devise is biased. But, one thing for certain, this is basically a device that contains TV-tuner input. This Tuner will transcript the digital signal before it is displayed in the TV monitor.

Before displayed into the monitors, TV signals come from various ways. In the old days, we might only know UHF antenna as the only way TV signals are delivered.

But nowadays, it is getting more various to fulfill the various needs. To deliver TV signals, TV stations use several ways.

They are cable, telephone, satellite, broadband, Ethernet, or even over the coaxial cable. And to display the content, these signals must be interpreted to the audio or video file.

To do this interpretation process, we need a TV tuner input. And here we need the Set-Top Box which has this function in general.

Set-Top Box Attraction

Set-Top Box, a Digital TV Receiver for Better Audio Video Quality

In the past, a Set-Top Box mostly used in the satellite and TV cables. While for others, they employs UHF or VHF antenna. But, with more functionality it has, many people started to choose this box better than antenna.

In fact, set Top box can deliver more channels than an antenna. Therefore, by using set top box, viewer can see more various TV channels even for the ones that come from across the nation.

More interestingly, the audio and video quality of that this device could deliver also belong to the high quality.

In its operation, a Set Top Box is able to receive numbers of channels which will be transmitted to the television’s auxiliary channels. Then the viewer can choose which channels that they want to see. With more channels, the viewer’s choice will be more various too.

Another attraction of this device is that most Set-Top Box nowadays has two ways communication. Therefore, user will be able to add some additional premium features by employing the internet network.

Set-Top Box Needs SDPPI Approval Before Distributed in Indonesia

The development of TV broadcasting in Indonesia is so massive. And to comply with this kind of development, many users choose the set top box to enjoy the whole features in it.

That’s why the order of Set Top Box is getting higher, make Indonesia a competitive market place. But, for set-top box manufacturer, there is something that needs to be concern.

As it is stated in Indonesian regulation, before distributed in Indonesia, Set Top Box device need to be certified SDPPI Type Approval Certification

And as quoted from Indonesian regulation No. 16 Tahun 2018 about telecommunication devices certification, every communication device that still being produced, assembled, used and traded in Indonesian territory, is mandatory to have type approval certification.

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Some Well-Known Set Top Box Brands

With all these specifications, having a set top box device will be so much fun. You can watch more TV channels with better Audio Video quality. And for you who want to buy this device, there are several brands that are so much recommended.

These brands are Skybox, Polytron, Venus, Ichiko. Brio, and Xtreamer. And if you have any more brand reference or additional information about Set-Top Box, you can put your thought in the comment session below. Finally, we hope that this article is useful, and able to update your understanding this device.

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