SDPPI Approval & SNI Certification Services Indonesia is one of supporting media under controlled by PT. DIMULTI. Dimulti offers SDPPI approval and SNI certification Services starting 2008.

Dimulti is one of Indonesian certification agents that’s still growing rapidly. Every wireless and telecommunication equipment, that want to be distributed and used in Indonesia must comply with the local regulation.

Technical requirements would be based on the regulation of SDPPI, or locally known as “Direktorat Jenderal Sumber Daya dan Perangkat Pos dan Informatika” [Indonesia’s Authority].

If the product has been passed on testing process and the test result already complied with the test standards, the products will received Indonesia’s regulatory certification. Let us called this process as type approval certification which results on Homologation / Compliance Certificate – [SDPPI Approval certificate].

Each SDPPI type approval certificate will cover : One Brand name, one model name, one country of origin and one certificate holder.

Product Approvals Specialist
SDPPI Certification and SNI Approval Specialist

Besides SDPPI, there is another certification process called SNI or Standar Nasional Indonesia. If SDPPI concerns on the radio frequency or telecommunication process, SNI certification more concerns in on the safety aspect of a product.

There are many SNI Standards for many different products. These standards are issued by different institutions or Ministeries because each Ministeries have its own SNI-controlled product list. So as an agent we will help you to decide which SNI standard is relevant to your product.

Both SDPPI and SNI are type approval certifications that must be complied in Indonesia. As we know, type approval certificate is very important to ensure that the device could be used through out Indonesia. It is also to ensure that you can sell the product to Indonesian market legally.

Most important point is that the local company who want to sell the product is required to hold approval certificate under the local company name.

We really understand that every country has their own policy (For example : Electricity capacity, Frequency range, etc). That’s why you have to choose the correct agent in Indonesia who has capability to resolv the every single problem. With years of experienced we really confident to offer you SDPPI Approval services.

Without type approvals, there are possibility that some devices might enter Indonesia but couldn’t function and operate properly. This would cause a big loss for manufacturers

Our services have been specifically designed to support manufacturers, test laboratories, Importers, Distributors who are seeking type approval certification for telecommunications equipment and other ITE products in Indonesia.

We offer SDPPI Approval and SNI Certification Services as below:

SDPPI Approval Services
SDPPI Approval & SNI Certification Services
  • Advice on Approval Strategy
  • Preparing complete application package engineering test support
  • Local interfacing with regulatory officials on your behalf
  • Reduce unnecessary bureaucracy

With years of experienced in obtaining SNI and SDPPI approval especially for wireless and telecom products, we do the excellent services for some product such as:

Type approval certification completed – Project experience ( 2008 – 2019)

W-lan (802.11a/b/g), RFID, Security router, Analog Modem, Low Power Device, Bluetooth, GPRS Modem for GSM, Remote Keyless Entry Systems, WCDMACDMA Phone, GSM and PDA, Radar Vehicle Systems, Fax Machine, VoIP, Pos Terminal, Wireless Phone, Modular approval, Set-Top Box digital TV receiver, etc…

Note: “All of type approval certificate would be issued by Directorate General of Post and Telecommunication [DGPT] – Postel”  and Now has been changed to be SDPPI

We though our short explanation clear enough, For more detail information about SDPPI Approval services or SNI certification services, do not hesitate to contact us

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