An Explanation to Thermal Printer

Thermal printer, – The use of printer is getting viral these days. Almost every offices, public places, or even houses, all of them use printer to support their daily activity. This is why the number of order toward printing device is getting higher day by day.

As a result, to fulfill the various needs of the customers, the kinds of printer devices are also expanded. That’s why we can find so many kinds of it in today’s market. But, at this very occasion, we will only discuss the one that might be a little different with the printer that you use in your office. So let’s talk about thermal printer.

Yes, it is thermal printer. This is quite strange name for the people who don’t really work in a printing company. Yet, it is very common to be used by some places such as fax machine, calculator, point of sale systems, information kiosks, print on demand labels, slot machines, hospital cardiac monitors.etc.

There is so much places that uses this kind of device actually. But, if you’re still unfamiliar with it, don’t worry! we’re going to talk about shortly.

Now, let’s start from what thermal printer actually is.

What is thermal printer?

Thermal Printer, Simply Useful Printing Device

Thermal printer, or usually called electrothermal printer is a device that employs heated pins that will burns object of images right on the heat-sensitive paper (thermochromic paper ).

With this simple operation, automatically it can print objects in relatively faster duration. On the other hand, since it only employs the heated pins, they are only able to print low resolution object. As a result, if affects on their prices which is usually inexpensive.

This product is divided into two kinds. The first one is thermal wax transfer. This printer adheres wax-based ink into paper. When you print a document with this kind of printer, its thermal printhead will melt the wax-based ink in the transfer ribbon into the paper, and this ink will be permanent when it turns cold.

The advantage of using this kind of printer is that it can print faster and it doesn’t require special paper that is required by other common thermal printers.

The second one is direct thermal. This is the common thermal printer that you usually see. As stated before, direct thermal printer is a printer that creates image by burning dots into the heat-sensitive when this paper pass the heating elements line, the heated pins will burn the coatings of the paper and creating image of dots. Just like the thermal wax transfer, this kind of printer could also print documents in pretty short time.

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Thermal Printer Needs SDPPI Type Approval

In this era, it is generally known that the competition between manufacturers is getting tighter, including for thermal printer manufacturers in the world. They are competing to bring the latest technologies into their thermal printing device in order to attract customer. And some of these technologies are the one that employs frequency to work, such as wireless technology, NFC technology, Bluetooth technology, and others.

With the presence of these technologies, thermal printer is classified as post and telecommunication device, especially the one who comes with fax machine. That’s why before it is marketed in Indonesia, it needs to obtain SDPPI Type Approval certificate first.

As quoted from Indonesian regulation No. 16 Tahun 2018 about telecommunication devices certification, every communication device that still being produced, assembled, used and traded in Indonesian territory, is mandatory to have type approval certification.

Some Well Known Brands

If you are about to buy thermal printer for your own, the following brands can be considered. They are the ones that we think superior in their class. These brands are Zebra, Epson, Intermec, SATO, Datamax-O-Neil, AirTrack, Avery-Dennison, BCI, Bizerba, Casio, Datamax, Datacard, Brother, Brady, Fujitsu, Samsung, Sony, Star, Seiko-Instrument, etc.

However, we realize that this list doesn’t cover the whole qualified the printer device brands in the world. So, if you think certain brand  deserve to be placed in above list, just put your thoughts in the comment section below. That’s all of our discussion toward thermal printer, we hope it can be useful in helping you choosing the best product for your own.

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