What Should be Expected from Apple iPhone 7

The time is ticking, and we are getting closer to the release date of Apple iPhone 7. It’s been a tradition in each year since 2007 that there is a day in September or October when Apple will launch its new product, the iPhone. This day becomes the most anticipated day for fans because in this day, the Tim Cook-company will reveal the result of their full-year-hard-work.

This is a day when the new generation of iPhone born and ready to hit the market. Not only for its fans, but this day also becomes the most anticipated day even for Apple’s competitors.

Realize it or not, with the strong brand character, everything’s done by Apple on their new product will fill every single world editorials. That’s why both competitors and medias are always curious with what will Apple do in the future, including to their brand new Apple iPhone 7.

However, titled as the most anticipated device this year, Apple has a big burden to make sure that this product really deserves that title. Once they fail, their slowing down phase will be as fast as the wind.

Moreover, public expectation toward this device is also terribly high, especially on how this brand should fix their previous mistake. And from these million of expectations, we have sorted them into some points that are most expected by people. And here are these points.

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People’s Expectations Toward Brand New Apple iPhone 7

What Should be Expected from Apple iPhone 7

First, it’s all about the design. All of us know that iPhone comes with such an classy elegant design and solid materials. But, if we are shown with similar design from years to years, it is normal for people to get bored and start thinking that this design is something old-fashioned. So, on the next generation of iPhone, people expect to see the new design that comes with much slimmer ceramic/metallic body.

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Second, the OS used. The Apple iPhone 7 will definitely use the latest version of iOS 9. This version of iOS is already has great performance actually. It has nice, simple, modern, and understandable user interface. But, with the issue of Apple that is still working for their new iOS 10, it will be really great if the latest product will use the new iOS 10 too.

Third, we’re talking about the expectation toward Apple iPhone 7’s camera. Realize it or not, one of the main attractions of iPhone is on its camera. The image taking function of this phone is really great compared to its competitors.

But, for now, when most of the competitors already use more than 10 Mp resolution, Apple’s 8 Mp camera seems to be a bit old-fashioned. That’s why in the future edition of iPhone, we expect 16 Mp camera with 2 Mp resolution in the secondary camera for the better selfies.

Then, we also expect a new change in the processor. As we know, when Apple releases their new product, they must come with higher level of processor. That’s why in this edition of iPhone many people expect something bigger than before.  Here, Apple iPhone 7 is expected to have Apple’s A9 Quad-core processor. With this kind of processor, the memory in it is also expected to be expanded with internal memory capacities 16, 64, or even 128 GB.

Lastly, we are going to talk about battery capacity of Apple iPhone 7.it seems like the new member of iPhone will have higher battery capacity than its predecessor. If in the previous session we have Non-removable Li-Pro battery that has high capacity of mAh, in the future series we expect something more than that for longer lifetime.

With all those expectations, we hope that Apple will indeed make a better product than before. Moreover, we also hope that in this edition of Apple iPhone 7, Apple will get rid of unnecessary mistake such as the previous edition’s bending issue. Therefore, if you have high excitement toward this brand new product, just wait until the D day sometime in September or October.

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