Wi-Fi Direct, the Developed Version of Wi-Fi Technology

Wi-Fi Direct, narmadi.com. It seems like cables connection is under the threat. Why does it so? Because recently, the number of devices that using wireless connection are getting higher and higher.

Well, that’s good actually. We are still able to get the same functionality but we don’t even have to deal with tangled cables and stuff. Moreover, we don’t have to deal with any more mess inside the house.

Thanks to Wi-Fi technology that makes this dream possible. Since the invention of Wi-Fi, the easier and faster connection is no longer imagination. Luckily, it doesn’t stop that way. Wi-Fi is always developed to be something more to offer even more ease and comfort for users. And one of the breakthroughs is Wi-Fi direct.

Wi-Fi Direct, the Developed Version of Wi-Fi Technology.

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Further, the range of this Wi-Fi direct usage is also large. In 2011, the DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) announced this Wi-Fi will be in its interoperability lines.

That’s why nowadays we could find this kind of wireless connection can be accessed in multiple popular OS. That’s why Android from Google, especially for the 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) above are already supported by this function.

In 2016, there have been many manufacturer include Wi-Fi direct in their products. Of course, it is done for a reason. The Wi-Fi alliance that manage the usage of Wi-Fi has been declared that this kind of wireless connection as the new standard.

It means that this direct kind of Wi-Fi can be set to work with others device without any needs toward special hardware. Then, what is this Wi-Fi actually and how it is operated? Let’s see in below explanation.

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What is Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi direct, or usually called Wi-Fi p2p, is the kind of wireless technology that makes devices, even for the ones that come from different manufacturers, can be connected without getting through the access point. It must be a little bit surprising.

But yeah, this kind of Wi-Fi doesn’t need any access point. It can be achieved by establishing their own ad-hock networks. And when it is required, the Wi-Fi will show you the available devices to choose which one will be connected to. With this kind of function, it will be beneficial for the several functions such as file transferring as well as internet browsing with typical speed of Wi-Fi.

To get to work, Wi-Fi Direct has several principles that should be accomplished. The first principle is the principle of Wi-Fi itself. Wi-Fi Direct can be functioned as the access point, and the other Wi-Fi devices will be able to connect to it. This function is possible with the present of ad-hoc networking in the Wi-Fi Direct.

The second principle is the Wi-Fi device service discovery. It is mandatory for this kind of Wi-Fi to be able to find other devices so that the file and data transferring function can be done by connection.

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While for the third principle, is Wi-Fi protected setup. This principle will be so much useful to keep the connection secure. It is because when two devices are connected, they are automatically connected via Wi-Fi protected Setup. This is the kind of connection that is also considered as the safer than a PIN method. And the last one is the WPA2 principle. By using this principle, Wi-Fi direct will have the most secure way in the encryption of Wi-Fi.

The Usage

Wi-Fi Direct, the Developed Version of Wi-Fi Technology

The basic idea behind Wi-Fi direct is quite simple, and it influences so much at the usage of it. This kind of Wi-Fi is actually aimed to do a simple connection for a simple task.

Therefore, some home appliances such as TV, Laptop, Refrigerator, printers and others can be connected without needing the active connection.  Therefore, some tasks such as sending file, printing photos, and others can be done easily without any distraction from a bad internet connection.

That’s all we need to know about this Wi-Fi direct technology. The understanding toward this tech will make us wiser in using it. And after all, we hope this article will be able to update your understanding of technological update.

And if you have any opinion toward this kind of Wi-Fi, we are welcoming you to put your thought in the comment session below.

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