WiFi Hallow, the New Future Standard from WiFi Alliance

WiFi Hallow, narmadi.com. Talking about wireless connection, WiFi must be the most familiar technology we’ve ever heard. This is the technology that has penetrated to almost every existing personal device. And with the huge numbers of user, this technology keeps evolving and inventing something new to fulfill the needs of its customers.

And recently, WiFi alliance, the alliance that covers this technology, has announced the new announcement toward the new standard of WiFi. People call it as WiFi Hallow.

A Closer Look Toward WiFi Hallow

WiFi Hallow, the New Future Standard from WiFi Alliance

Hallow, which is pronounced as ”Halo”, is the new kind of WiFi introduced by WiFi alliance as the extension of future 802.11ah standard.

With a lot of improvements in so many aspects, this technology will have the wider range of connection and way much better power consumption.

Further, with brand new specification it has, the new WiFi Hallow is going to be able to penetrate into the wall, ceiling, or even floor. Therefore, it will cover the whole building perfectly.

With this kind of specification, this WiFi will be perfect for industry, housing, office, government institution, security camera, trackers, wearable device, etc.

About the coverage range, WiFi hallow provide doubled range of current WiFi technology with more robust performance. Besides, it also has the new protocols which will allow this device to do multi-vendor interoperability, easy setup, and high level of security system.

Moreover, the dream about connecting our personal device into the smart home will be no longer a dream.

Before this, the problem in connecting gadget and the smart home is that it needs the huge power to connect the whole smart home equipment to your personal device by using Wireless.

But, Hallow cover this problem in such a nice way. As stated before, one of the attractions of WiFi Hallow is the low power consumption. Therefore, device can connect to the smart home without worrying the power dried.

Indeed, the lower power consumption becomes the main attraction of this technology. This lower power affects on so many things. It can lengthen the battery life, so that user doesn’t need to charge their device often in such a short time period. Further, it will also affect on its price which will be lower than the ordinary WiFi technology.

How it Works

WiFi Hallow, the New Future Standard from WiFi Alliance

For the operation, the interest toward WiFi Hallow is predictable, and obvious. It is because it uses the basic of 802.11ah with 900 MHz range Band, the lower frequency used by current WiFi technology.

This is the frequency that allows the Hallow to provide larger coverage range with higher ability in penetrating into some obstacles. That’s why this kind of WiFi will not get any disruption even with the present of wall, ceiling, door, room decoration, and others.

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However, right after the announcement, there is also issue toward the possibility of WiFi Hallow to replace the Bluetooth technology. Obviously, this technology has what BT technology has such as lower power consumption.

Plus, it also comes with larger coverage and better data transfer capacity. With this kind of specification, there is no doubt that this technology could be a threat for the current Bluetooth technology.

Finally, if you are with more than millions people in the world whose are curious about it, you got to be a little bit patient. It is because WiFi Hallow is predicted to be launched in 2018.

Therefore, it is better for you to prepare until the release date of this technology. Finally, that’s all we need to share about WiFi Hallow. We hope this article can be helpful in educating you toward the newest trend in technology.

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