5G Network, Faster than the Fastest Mobile Network

5G Network, narmadi.com. Communication network has made a really big progress so far. Until now, we have watched the massive inventories that bring this technological sector into totally different level.  Over past few years, we have introduced to 3G technology.

Then we moved to 3,5G, and the last is 4G. This thing happens in a pretty short time. And now, even before the 4G is still not completely penetrated, the issue toward 5G is already viral. Then, how is 5G network actually looks like and what are the new things it has? Let’s find out in the following explanation.

5G Network, the higher level of Network Connection

5G Network, Faster than the Fastest Mobile Network.

Talking about network connection, we are actually left far behind other developed countries. We can see that connection speed is no longer a problem for most other leading Asian countries, but in Indonesia, it is.

For the case of 4G network for example, it’s still not fully penetrated in some areas especially in the rural area. Even though, seeing that the market is more open today, and the access in getting recent tech is much easier today, we should feel a little bit relieve.

It means that we are ready for the next breakthrough, and we are ready for the next generation of network, the 5G network.

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5G Network supposedly replaces the existing 2G, 3G, or even 4G network. With the new technologies and new specifications, it offers what it predecessors don’t. With some improvements in several aspects, it’s also believed to offer something great, something that people would die for.

Mostly it is about internet connection. The faster connection and bigger transfer rate will be the main attraction of it. Therefore, if you think 4G is satisfying already, you really got to prepare yourself for something bigger, something 5G technology offers since the very first time.

What 5G Network Offers

5G Network, Faster than the Fastest Mobile Network

It is already stated that the main attractions of 5G are on the network. This something obvious since nowadays network connection has become one of people’s new primary needs. And the requirements of it are already set. Firstly, it is expected to have faster transfer rate. Ten megabytes per second becomes the exact standard of it.

This connection is defined deeper becomes 1GB per second for many workers who stay at the same floor. Meanwhile, with the addition of massive network sensors such as wireless, the connection can be accessed by spread into several hundreds of connection. All of these connections can be accessed simultaneously.

Further, the new standard also comes to the latency. 4G was really good at the latency rate, but 5G will be better than that. It is estimated that 5G network will have lower latency with improved coverage.  The signal efficiency will also be enhanced. And it will effect on several aspects such as clearer sound and increasing connection. And apparently, this new technology of mobile network will have better efficiency in spectrum and higher bit rate compared to the recent 4G.

Release Time

With the brand new specifications, the new 5G network should really have its own standards. But, it seems like the new standard of 5G nowadays are still classified to the current 4G standard, which is ITU-T 4G. Even though, US Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has considered making the new standard of 5G spectrum. It is proven by agreeing to build 5G facility after this technology wins 5-0 vote in July 2016. Therefore, it seems like the proper 5G network environment will be soon realized in US.

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Seeing the big move in US, it should be a good sign for 5G networks. Many experts believe that this technology will be released soon in early 2020, or it can be later than that. However, the application of this technology will not become easy since it needs a certain facility with different facility. But, what we believe here is, as soon as it is prepared in US, eventually it will spread to the world.

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