Most Anticipated Devices

The evolution of smartphone is moving so fast. World class manufacturers, or even local, they are competing to bring their new innovative technology into their products. Every time we are shown with the significant gap in smartphone technology. That’s why there’s always something worth waiting, they are the most anticipated devices of the year.

Generally speaking, we can divide the smartphone launching into two clusters. First cluster that is always waited is a big event in the first quarter of the year, usually on February to March, is the Mobile World Congress (MWC). This is the place where manufacturers such as LG, Sony Samsung, HTC, and other manufacturers which mostly produce Android’s anticipated devices, launch their new flagships.

Second, is another big thing in September, when one of the leading smartphone manufacturers, Apple, usually announces its iconic iPhone handset. Not only in September, but usually Apple also launches its iPad device on a separate event in October or November, even if last year was a bit different.

Apple launched both iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7 in second quarter of the year.

And now, even though Mobile World Congress has been passed, however, there are still plenty of devices that attract more attention. Most of them are included into flagship class, means that the specification brought by them is really not joke. So, if you are excited to this list, here it is. Below are the anticipated devices in 2016.

Most Anticipated Devices List

anticipated devices
Most anticipated devices

OnePlus 3

In the first list of 2016-most anticipated devices we have OnePlus 3. This is the handset that is rumored to be launched at the end of this year’s Q2. OnePlus device has made a big sensation since the very first launch. One of the attractions is on its price tag. Here people could buy a phone with high level of specification but with a lower price than they’ve expected.

Unfortunately, its predecessor, OnePlus 2 which was launched at July 2015 has created a big disappointment with the lack of NFC function. So, in this edition, many people expect to see NFC technology, fingerprint sensor, as well as QHD installed in it.

That’s why in 2016 people wish that this device will include those features. Furthermore, it is also expected that the company will install some technology such as larger battery, Snapdragon 820 from Qualcomm, different storage, metal body, new design, and more.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6

As usual, Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be launched following its launching pattern that is on this year’s second half. Rumor says that this phone will be release sometime in August. Along with Samsung Galaxy S7 Active, this smartphone will be released by Samsung to anticipate the dying-down of its previous flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Reviewers around the world have predicted that this device might be the best phone of 2016. And it really might be since the company rumored to install monster specification in this device. From the leaked data, we will find 2K resolution 5.8-inch display, Snapdragon 823 from Qualcomm under the hood, 4,200 mAh-capacity battery, and 6GB of RAM.

Moreover, another source suggests that it will use 256GB of storage and be the first phablet that has 6GB RAM. In addition, it also has a big potential to use the new Android N and cross-over of Chrome OS We really could not find something like this before.

Combined with new camera censor that is still under development, this one is really deserve to be titled as the most anticipated device this year. In addition, Note 6 will also completed with IP68 certification, means that this device will have water and dust resistance.

Sony Experia Z6

Even before MWC was held, there was rumor that says Sony is preparing their new flagship. Many people predicted that it will be SONY Experia Z6. But, this product might be the last of Z line since it is already confirm by the company that this line has reached the culmination point. Although there in not much information about this device, but rumor suggested that it will be released around the Q2 and Q3 of 2016.

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Apple iPhone 7

It’s been a tradition that the launch of iPhone line will be the world’s big sensation. And that’s what happens to iPhone 7. Rumor said that this device will be introduced to public on October. And in this new edition, it seems like Apple will apply several change.

Even so, the design is predicted to not making such a different. It will be resembled to the iPhone 6 and 6S with the absence of strips antenna. Moreover, here we can expect water and dust resistance, as the other flagships have.

Obviously, this device will run in iOS 10 combined with the powerful hardware. Better functionality of 3D Touch Display can also be offered along with Smart Connector to the iPad Pro. In addition, battery life could be also increased with better image quality of the camera.

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Xiaomi Mi 5

From the land of Asia, we have one of this year’s anticipated devices. It is the Chinese phone manufacturer, Xiaomi, which predicted is about to launch its new flagship Xiaomi Mi 5. This device is announced at MWC, but it’s still not clear when will Mi 5 make its first appearance, and whether it will be in US, UK, or even Europe. But it seems like this device has been available in China.

From the Chinese edition, we can see that this is a premium-class smartphone. It features elegant design and metal core with ceramic or 3D glass materials. With the dimension only 144.55 x 69.2 x 7.25 mm and 129g of weight, it classified as one of the lightest smartphones today.

About the specification, here we have 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution from 5.15-inch display with 427ppi of density, Snapdragon 820 processor from Qualcomm, 16 Mp rear camera, 4 Mp front camera, 4GB RAM, and 64 and 32 GB storage. In addition, it also has 3000mAh battery capacity for the longer life time.

Finally, above is the list of most anticipated devices this year. All of the information is taken from the trusted sources. However, remembering that there’s still time until their official release, so there’s still possibility for changing. So, if you want to buy new device, be ready and choose wisely.

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