Wireless Charging: What It Actually is and How does It Works

If you ever have a problem with fiddly connectors or tangled charger cable, then you really must try wireless charging. With this technology, you definitely won’t face the same problems as before. It will make you able to charge your devices wirelessly. Therefore, there will be no problem with cords or bulky wires anymore.

Then, what wireless charging actually is and how does it works? Even if this technology actually invented centuries ago, there are still many people don’t understand it yet.

And if you are one of these people, the following explanation might be helpful to help you in understanding more about this brilliant invention.

How Wireless Charging Works

Wireless Charging What It Actually is and How does It Works

Unlike the wireless camera, that usually uses LAN (see also: Wireless Technology applications), wireless charging is a bit different. The principle of wireless charging, or usually called inductive charging has been invented centuries ago by physicist and inventor, Nicola Tesla. He stated that it is possible for power transferring between two objects through electromagnetic field.

Starting from this principle, scientists develop charging system that uses loop from foiled wires around the magnet bar, which usually called inductor. With this inductor, the electric current will pass through the wire creating electromagnetic field. From this electromagnetic field, we can transfer voltage to something nearby. Even though, scientists haven’t found the efficient way to transfer large amount of power through this field.

It is because the power amount that will be transferred with this technique should be proportional with the coils that are looped around the magnet bar. In addition, the strength of the magnet also affects on the power transferring process too. But, after long time of Research and Development process, the scientist finally found a way out for this problem.

The answer is by making very flat coils of wire. With these flat coils, it will be possible to coil many loops around the small magnet bar. And to make sure that this charger won’t charge other strange object, sometimes the manufacturer installed tiny transmitter to communicate between wireless power station and the receiver device.

The Use of Wireless Charging

Nowadays, we can find wireless charging installed in some devices. Mostly, it is used to charge phone. But, it there are a lot of possibility that this technology might be used in other things. For example, some electric busses in South Korea are able to be charged wirelessly.

Moreover, IKEA has planted this technology in their products such as tables, beds, and lamps with built-in wireless charging. In addition, BMW has also developed this technology in their iconic BMW i8 sport car. This car can be charged in 2 hours.

However, there are many pros and cons about this technology. The one who agree claim that this tech is more convenient since you don’t have to deal with messy charger cable. Moreover, it also believed to have high durability since we don’t need to plug or unplug the device socket.

In addition, since the device that uses wireless charging usually sealed completely, so there will be possibility to develop water proof device.

On the other hand, wireless charging is also believed to be much less-efficient in energy use, especially on the long duration of charging time. Moreover, the heat generated during the charging process is considered to not eco-friendly too. But, whatever it is, we all realize that every single technology has their own positive and negative sides. So, whether you want to use it or not, it all completely depends on your view in technology.

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