A Closer Look to Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

For those who like to do outdoor activity, the release of Samsung Galaxy S7 Active must be the most anticipated event this year.

Remembering that the previous series of it, Samsung Galaxy S6 Active which is firstly launched at June 12th 2015 was succeeded in fulfilling their needs, this year’s edition must be more exciting than the previous series. And to give you a closer look toward this device, here it is, the recent report of the rugged phone Galaxy S7 Active.

Obviously, Samsung is still working on the S7 Active device to follow the success of its predecessor. And based on the rumor, this device will come soon exclusively to AT&T. and even though the official name of this strong smartphone hasn’t announced yet, the issues around it has become something that dominate the conversations, especially online.

Leaked photo of Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

Closer Look to The Rugged Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

The detailed information about Galaxy S7 Active still becomes the company’s secret. However, not all of it remains as secret. Two weeks ago we are showed with some blurry images about this device. But unfortunately these images weren’t really satisfying since it didn’t tell much information about this rugged smarthphone.

But, now a closer look about Samsung Galaxy S7 has spread around the internet. Thanks to resident leaker named Evan Blass, who manage account @evleaks, for offering better images about the device. However, we should also thanks to Samsung for carrying the outstanding Active line again to the market.

More Images about this phone, click here.

From the leaked images, we can see that this edition of Active will bring gold color back to the surface. As @evleaks jokingly said, the official name of this device could be ‘Desert Camo’. However, other images show that it would come with another interesting option too, which is green camo.

In this series, Samsung seems to give S7 Active more bulky body compared to other S7 product line. If in the standard S7 we have metallic edge and slick design, here we will have concoction with polycarbonate plastic and rubber. Hopefully, to minimize the rugged impression, Samsung is expected to bring soft white or black color in this smartphone.

These images don’t tell much about the specification. But in here, we can see the home button will have no label, means that this device will use fingerprint scanner.

More interestingly, the company also builds this device with MIL-STD-810G, which means it will have no significant problem to against extreme condition such as altitude pressure, extreme climate, salt, and shock. With this function, it is obvious that Samsung are putting the military as the target market.

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About the battery capacity, this edition of S7 Active is expected to have much higher capacity than its predecessor, the Galaxy S6 Active. Then what is the specification of this device? The Galaxy S7 Active series is expected to have what installed in standard S7. They are Snapdragon 820 SoC, 12 MP rear camera, 4GB of RAM, QHD screen resolution, and 5 MP selfie snapper.

Overall, from the leaked images, Galaxy S7 Active is already fulfills the need of outdoor people. Moreover, the high level specification and interesting color of this phone will have a nice touch of aesthetical side toward this device. So, if you think this smartphone could meet your need, then you have to wait until the release date which still remains mystery.

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