Probable Applications of 5G Technology After the Release Date

Continuing our previous article about 5G (5G Network, Faster than the Fastest Mobile Network), now we’ll discuss about the related topic. The topic will still be the same, but it will not only talk about 5G technology in detail anymore. Here, the talk will be related to the other technologies that might be really supported by the 5G network. In this case, we will see the probable technologies that will employ 5G network in the future. So, let’s check it out!

When the vibe toward 4G is still unreduced yet, the talk about future 5G technology is starting to fly on air. Many editorials, both online and off line, have started to give a sign that 5G technology already comes to its final development process.

This thing is creating a huge quake among technology expert in the world. Seeing that 4G is still not completely adopted and other several reasons, some of them think that it is too early to introduce 5G technology.

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The Probable Applications of 5G Technology

But, for the rest, it is such a good thing. However, a big jump in technology should be celebrated and cheered with respect, especially for the mobile network.

As we all know, mobile network has the big role for people. It connects more people in the world. And the interesting here is, when mobile network is growing, and so the other supportive technologies.

And in the case of 5G, below are several probable technologies that will grow as the growth of 5G.

Applications of 5G technology

The first thing in line is that 5G might be used for smart car. The trend toward smart car and driverless car has been viral since Google introduced its first Google self-driving car prototype.

The Probable Applications of 5G Technology.

And with the present of 5G technology, experts believe that this industries will be much more supported. It is because in the future, smart car will not only be driverless. But, it will also interact with the smart road and other cars to manage traffic and improve safety.

And to do this function, it needs really low latency technology to make sure the data transfer between those elements is done well. Exactly, it is small latency. This is what 5G technology offered in the first place.

Second, it might be useful for mobile VR/AR. When it comes to mobile device, the story of 5G technology will be really long. There will be a big change among personal device complement such as VR/AR.

VR/AR has been the huge sensation toward mobile phone recently. And it indeed, it deserves to get that kind of attention. This tech is a real breakthrough, and with 5G technology, it will be a lithe wilder.

Paired with the low latency and consistent speed, the augmented world becomes more real in both pictures and sounds.

Further, smart home will also become more interesting with the addition of 5G technology. In the future, all of the house equipment is supposed to be connected.

So, controlling them will be easy through your personal devices such as laptop, smartphone, and tablet. In the early level, the application of this technology for smart home will be applied in home internet.

Even for big player such as AT&T, they have planned to replace the DSL offering which is considered old already.

In closing, with the further research and development, we believe there will be other technologies that will be really supported by the presence of 5G network. And when this network is fully developed, it will definitely change the technological map around the world.

And one obvious thing, remembering that this technology is estimated to be launched sometime in 2020, so we got to be prepared. Not only on for the technological manufacturer, but also the government should be ready to build the supportive technology. Therefore, when it’s released, we can enjoy it for the better life.

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