Low Power Device Technology Applications in Life & Industry

Low power device technology applications, – narmadi.com. Power consumption has been one big issue nowadays due to the limited source of power. As we know, some power sources like fossil fuel are running out now. On the other hand, the alternative energy sources such as sun, wind, tidal wave, and others are not fully utilized yet. So, the only way out for this problem is by decreasing the use of power itself.

And to make it happen, many manufacturers are starting to manufacture low power device. This is the kind of device which only needs small amount of power to operate. More than that, this kind of device will be able to fulfill various needs of society, while at the same time, saving energy.

Interesting, right? So, how this device is possible to work with such a principle, and what are the examples of Low Power Device Technology Applications? Here is the Explanation about it.

Before getting down to the Low Power Device Technology Applications, here we are going to talk about what low power device actually is first. Simply, we can define low power device by its name. Literally, low power device is a device that needs low power to operate. The power here is so low compared to the other electronic devices in its class.

Low Power Device Technology applications
Low Power Device Technology Applications

While based on Wikipedia, low power device, which is also called low power electronic, is the device that is designed to use small amount of electric power. Basically, those definitions are the same. They refer to the device that needs small power in its operation. Moreover, Low Power Device is also related to the Short Range Device (SRD) since basically they have the same principle and need low amount of power.

Then, what is the example of low power device technology applications? Actually, there are so many examples of low power device technology applications among us. Most of them are the device that classified to the short range device. Most of them are the device that only needs below 10 mW of power.

For the real example, you can take a look of processors on notebook, immobilizer, some security system protocols, and many more. With the low amount of power it needs, these devices will be able to operate longer and effectively cutting the cost.

Moreover, due to the low level of power that this device needs, many people wondering why this thing is possible. And this thing apparently leads to further questions of how this kind of device can effectively lower the power. Well, to do this thing, there are two possible ways that can be chosen.

Firstly, it is by reducing the loss of subthreshold leakage by increasing the threshold voltage while at the same time lowering the voltage of supply. By doing this, the circuit will be slowed down significantly, so that the power need will be a little much smaller. To make this method run smoother, some kinds of circuits in low power device employ dual supply voltage or different transistor.

Another possible method to lower the power need is by making power gating. In this method, we need to use sleep transistor. This kind of transistor will be used to disable the block when it is not in the middle of usage. So, the system will only be woken up when a certain decoy is captured.

We can find this kind of system generally in solar-powered system or battery powered. By only active when it is needed, this system will be able to save more power to expand the battery life in it.

Low Power Device Technology Applications

Low power device technology in tire pressure system
Low Power Device Technology Applications

In the middle of energy crisis issue, low power device technology applications are really needed. Besides fulfilling the needs of society, the applications of it are also able to reduce the use of power. And this can lead us to the effective usage of energy. And talking about applications, we will find so many kinds of it, especially when the range of frequency of low power device is pretty wide.

This might be different for other countries, but for Indonesia, the low power device frequency ranges from 0.009 until 960 MHz. As long as the maximum power of it is 10 Mw, a device will be classified as low power electronic. While for the applications, below are some examples of Low Power Device Applications.

Low Power Device Applications in Automotive

One of the characteristic of low power device is that this technology is less harmful compared to the other. That’s why it will be perfect to be used in automotive. In the automotive, you can find several Low Power Device Technology applications.

For example, you can take a look to the immobilizer system. By employing SRD technology, the immobilizer technology will work properly to secure your car from theft. Moreover, the existence of Short Range Device can also be found in Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). By employing low power device, the system will be more accurate and efficient in providing safety for the passenger.

Applications in Security

Low Power Device Technology Applications in security
Low Power Device Technology Applications

One of the Low Power Technology Applications is on the security system. Here, the low power device can be used to support the alarm system. With the combination of Low Power Device, the alarm system will be more accurate and unbreakable. Interestingly, this technology is also supportive for movement detector.

Featured with the alarm, the combination of these technology will create stronger security system when it is paired with the alarm. Further, Low Power is also able to be used in the CCTV. Here, this technology can deliver the video signal from the CCTV device to the control unit. More than that, there are many other applications of this technology which create a better security system.

Applications in Networking

In the networking system, we can see that this technology takes part in supporting Local Area Network. More than that, we can also find Low Power Device Technology Applications in the cordless connections.

These are the connections that sometimes used in cordless audio system, wireless microphone, and many more. With this kind of connection, users will be able to connect two or more device wirelessly by using low power devices. So, they don’t have to deal with tangled cables anymore.

Low Power Device Applications in Industry

In the industry, Low power device mainly support the automation of machinery. Some kinds of sensors in the machinery are using RFID technology, which is classified in Low Power Device. With this sensor, each machine can work more accurate with minimum risk of error.

Further, Low Power is also used in the goods transportation. It helps industrial world to boost the automation in the logistic. While other Low Power Technology Applications in Industry can be found in supply chain system, goods identifications, and many more.

Low Power Device Applications in Medical

Low Power Device Applications in Medical

Further application of Low Power Device comes to the medical world. Here, doctors sometimes use this technology to support pneumatic tube system. As we know, Pneumatic tube system is using RFID, which is classified to Low Power Device.

With this device, the transportation of medication things such as medical equipment and medicine will be a lot easier. Further, we can find other Low Power Device Technology Applications in several things such as Medical implant, medical record arrangement, and many more.

With the complexity of application as stated above, of course low power device will be something so much useful for life. And the best thing of is, Low power device technology applications are something that is always expanding.

Especially with the higher rate of its usage, we will definitely find many new applications and variations of it in the future. So, if you are about to look for information regarding to this subject, this site will be a good starting point to refer.