Adobe’s Ink, – The development of touchscreen technology has forced manufacturer to manufacture their device under the full screen concept. This concept is possible because by using touchscreen, user can control the device directly on screen.

Therefore, you don’t need any physical button anymore. Moreover, it is not only the touchscreen devices which is getting more popular.

But, some complementary device such as touch pen turns to be something terribly wanted. And from all brands in the market, we have one of them that are really amazing. It is Adobe’s Ink and Slide from Adobe that was firstly introduced in August 15, 2014.

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Adobe’s Ink and Slide Specification

Introducing Adobe's Ink and Slide, a useful Touch Pen from Adobe(1)

By spending around 199 USD, you could just afford this device with its digital ruler included in package. For us, this is a worth price for such an elegantly functional device such as Adobe’s Ink and Slide.

Especially for you who fond of in designing, illustrating, doing graphic work, or a student who likes to take a note, this amazing touch pen will be terribly useful.

Moreover, with relatively high compatibility, you can pair this pen to several devices. These devices are iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad 4th generation, etc. Then, how is the actual specification of this touch pen device? Here is the review about it.

From the outside, we will see that this Adobe’s Ink and Slide comes with an elegant appearance. With the dimension 8.6 x 2.75 x 5.9 inches and 11.4 ounces of weight, both devices are manufactured with hydro-formed aluminum materials.

This is the kind of materials that will give you a modern look of a touch pen. Further, the materials are also relatively comfortable to use even in a long time period. And the most interesting thing here is that this pen is like adapting to the way you hold it.

On the end side of the pen, you can see that Adobe’s Ink and Slide has a functional tip. This tip is made of rubberized nib. With pressure sensitivity technology from Adonit called “pixel point, some things like annotating and drawing will be easy to do.

Introducing Adobe's Ink and Slide, a useful Touch Pen from Adobe.(1)

And one interesting thing about this tip is that it will give you high level of accuracy. Further, you can choose what color that you want to use. This color will be displayed on the LED status on the top of the ink. Moreover, you will also find the ruler is so functional in drawing a perfect shape grid, and line.

Then, talking about connectivity, Adobe’s Ink and Slide has already completed with Bluetooth LE (Read more about Bluetooth LE in here) that will connect the pen to the touchscreen device.

Further, by using this device, you will be able to store your file in the cloud computing called Creative Cloud. Therefore, you can access it later with other devices. In addition, Adobe’s Ink and Slide is also compatible with Photoshop Sketch apps and Adobe’s Illustrator Line.

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In the power supply, this touch pen employs Lithium Ion battery. You can charge it through USB charger on it. Compatible with iOS, this device is really fit for the serious user who concern at making illustration, graphic, design, etc.

Therefore, if you are about to buy a touch pen device which can fulfill your needs in illustrating, designing, or drawing, Adobe’s Ink and Slide should definitely be the first choice in mind.


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