An Explanation to Touch Pen

Touch pen, – The development of touch screen technology is getting massive. Nowadays, we can find so many application of touch screen in various devices. Some device such as smartphone, game console, computers, tablet, and phablet nowadays use touch screen.

People prefer to use touch screen technology since it offers more ease than any other kind of technologies. It is because all of the control of touch screen can be done directly from the screen. As a result, not only touch screen technology, but some other complementary devices such as touch pen, is also wanted by people.

Talking about touch pen, or which usually called stylus, this device is really useful for the touch screen users. Especially for the small size screen, something like typing, dragging, making selection, and rolling can be done easier by using touch pen.

Therefore, we can say that this device is really essential to support the development of touch screen technology.And for you who still don’t know what is this device actually is, here below is the short explanation of this device.

What is Touch Pen or Stylus

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The early stage f this device called Styalator was firstly introduced by Tom Dimond in around 1957. But now, the word styaltor is no longer used and replaced by Touch pen or stylus.Touch pen is not really a pen. But, this is an instrument that has pen-shape.

As stated before, this instrument can be used to enter commands into a touch screen device such as touch computer, tablet, or any other mobile devices. The usage of this device is by placing it on the screen surface to draw, tapping, or even making selection screen.

This is a similar function with mouse in computer, or trackpad. Further, in computation field, there is also a similar device called digital pens. This is a device which has the same pen-shape, but it’s a little bigger. With this bigger size, of course this device offers better functionality too. It has programmable buttons, electronic eraser, and also pressure sensitivity.

There are two types of stylus that are offered in the market. They are active and passive stylus. Active stylus has electronic components inside it. These components are used to communicate between the touchscreen and the stylus itself. This kind of stylus is commonly used to taking a note, draw/paint on the screen, annotate electronic documents, and others.

While in the case of passive stylus, the thing might be a little bit different. There are no electronic components at all. Therefore, there will be no communication between the screen and stylus itself. As a result, this kind of stylus is only act as finger.

Need to Obtain SDPPI Type Approval Before distributed in Indonesia

As stated before, there are two types of touch pen in the market. They are Active and passive. For the active one, it has electronic components inside it to communicate with the touchscreen. In this electronic communication, the electronic components employ low frequency below 2.4 Ghz. (Low Power Device) Therefore, it is classified as post and telecommunication device.

This policy is based on the Indonesian regulation No. 16 Tahun 2018. Here, it is stated that every communication device that still being produced, assembled, used and traded in Indonesian territory, is mandatory to obtain SDPPI type approval certification. Therefore, it is mandatory for touch pen to obtain SDPPI Type Approval certification before marketed in Indonesia.

Actually, there are not many stylus marketed in the market. The reason is simple. It is because many of these devices are sold together in the product package such as phone, table, and phablet, etc. but, some of them are also sold separately.

Some brands that sell their Touch pen product separately are Apple Pencil, Adobe Ink & Slide, Fifty Three Pencil, Sensu Artist Brush and Stylus, Studio Neat Cosmonaut, Adinite Mark, Just Mobile Alupen, Kensington, and others. Therefore, if you want to buy touch pen device, you can choose one of these list.

Finally, we realize that the list above can’t cover the whole qualified brands in the world. In closing, if you have any ideas about which touch pen brands have the a good quality and haven’t listed, your thoughts are welcome in the comment session below.

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