Defining Wireless Access Point (WAP)

Wireless Access Point, – In this internet era, all of the electronic devices are expected to be able to connect to the network. That’s why nowadays we can find many kinds of devices that are completed with features such as WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.

But, in connecting to the network, only by WiFi is not enough. We need a device that is able to connect them to the network source or wired network. Here is where Wireless Access Point (WAP) takes place. With the help of this device, all of the WiFi compliant devices will be able to connect in wired network.

Then, what is Wireless Access point actually is?

As stated before, Wireless access point is a device that able to connect WiFi compliance to a wired network. To make this function work well, a WAP should be connected to a router whether as integral component or as standalone device.

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How Wireless Access Network Works

Defining Wireless Access Point (WAP)

Sometimes, setting up a network connection in office, school, or home, requires a lot of cables that should be installed through wall and ceiling.

Of course, this thing is not really nice, especially when it comes to the aesthetical consideration of your house. But, with wireless Access Point, all of these stuffs can be eliminated. It is because WAP will spread the network from wired network through radio frequency.

Therefore, all of the device inside the frequency range can access this network through WiFi access. Moreover, with this radio frequency, you don’t have to deal with installing many cables again.

While for the limitation, one WAP usually can connect to 30 WiFi devices within the frequency range. The length of this range is varied, depends on several factors. They are device’s specification, placement, height, nearby obstruction, antenna, weather, and interferences from other electronic devices.

And if you find all of these interferences are exists around your wireless access point, don’t worry. you can employ other device such as repeater and reflector. These devices will amplify and bounce the signal so they can be catch by other devices that are out of the range.

Further, the big issue in Wireless Access Point usage is on the security system. When you use wired network, security can be guaranteed since anybodies who are connected to the network is relatively trusted. 

But, when you use Wireless Access Point, anybodies within the range can access your network or even attack the password that already set before. That’s why it is important for you to use traffic encryption in your WAP

Wireless Access Point Needs SDPPI Type Approval Certification in Indonesia

Defining Wireless Access Point (WAP)

To give consumer guarantee toward the product that they’ve bought, Indonesian government does certification to several kinds of products that will be distributed inside the country.

That’s why before distributed in Indonesia, Wireless Access Point needs to obtain a certification too. And since this device uses radio frequency to work, so it is classified to post and telecommunication device. Therefore, the certificate should be issued by Directorate General SDPPI.

As quoted from Indonesian regulation No. 18 Tahun 2014 about telecommunication devices certification, every communication device that still being produced, assembled, used and traded in Indonesian territory, is mandatory to have type approval certification.

Therefore, based on the reason above, Wireless Access Point needs to obtain SDPPI Type Approval certification before marketed in Indonesia.

Popular Brand in Indonesia

With the high market potential of this device, many manufacturers are competing to produce advance kind of Wireless Access Point in order to attract consumers. And from many brands in the market, we chose some of them as the better ones than others.

They are NETGEAR, TP-LINK, Cisco System, Ubiquiti Networks Enterprise, Bear Extender, Securifi Almond, EnGenius Technologies, Huawei, and OM2P-HS. However, this list is not a complete list of qualified wireless access point brand in the world.

Therefore, if you have any idea about what brand other brand deserve to fill this list, your opinion is welcome in the comment session below.

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Finally, this is the end of our topic. We hope that this article will be able to educate you about Wireless Access Point and what brands of it that is superior better than others. Any mistake or error on this writing, the comment session below is opened for your suggestion. In last, thanks for reading this article, and keep your technological knowledge up to dated with us.

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