Bluetooth Wireless Headset, More than an Ordinary Headset

Bluetooth wireless headset , – Technology moves so fast, particularly in the telecommunication world. It is proven by the number of new inventories that always increase every year. In addition, updates in the latest technologies also makes the market competition is getting tighter. For example you can see it on the headset technology.

Since firstly invented by Nathaniel Baldwin, a Stanford University student, in 1910, now headset has received significant changes. If in the past we see headset is a device that employs wires to transfer data, now the story turns to be different with the present of Bluetooth wireless headset.

Even though wired headset still exists, and still owns the market, but the development of Bluetooth wireless headset is getting massive.  It seems like this device is ready to replace the functionality of wired headset in the future with its functionality, simplicity, and ease. But, whatever it is, both wired and wireless headsets have their own characteristics that can’t be compared to each other.

As stated before, talking about functionality, simplicity, and ease, we will definitely have wireless Bluetooth headset lays at the top of the places. This device is not using wires to transfer the data anymore. But, the functionality of wire will be replaced by wireless data transferring such as Bluetooth.

Even in some products, we find more sophisticated technology such as LAN and DECT. And even this headset employs wireless technology, the sound quality will be similarly the same with the sound source.

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In addition, with various ways of data transferring, the consumer’s choice toward this technology will be expanded.  In the market, you might find Bluetooth wireless headset mostly employs Bluetooth in data transferring. But, do you know outside Bluetooth, we still can find other way of data transferring? Below are the explanations of it.

The first one is DECT wireless headset. DECT stand for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication. In Europe, this technology uses frequency between 1.88 to 1.90 GHz RF. While in the US, we can find 1.92 to 1.93 GHz RF is allowable for DECT.

For other countries in other part of the world, the allowable frequency might be different. Talking about the most common profile used in this technology, DECT uses GAP (Generic Access Profile) as its common profile, which is able to ensure communication between cordless headset and base station.

Second, we have 2.4 GHz Wireless Headset. Starting from the fact that the use of DECT is complicated since they are different in each countries, manufacturers decided to make something more standard for Bluetooth wireless headset.

And now, they employ 2.4 GHz RF since almost every countries has this band for wireless communication.  Usually, this kind of headset comes in two units. They are the wireless headset itself and wireless base station that is connected to the phone through headset jack.

And the last one is Bluetooth wireless headset. As the name, this device employs Bluetooth technology to transfer the audio data. This is the kind of wireless headset that is used the most since it has high compatibility to the most devices. Most of these headsets are also used to answer call or play music. Today, there are two types of Bluetooth headsets. They are the one who uses Bluetooth v1.0 or v1.1. and A2DP.

Bluetooth Wireless Headset Needs SDPPI Approval Before Marketed in Indonesia

Bluetooth Wireless Headset, More Than an Ordinary Ordinary Headset

Before marketed in Indonesia, Bluetooth wireless headset needs to obtain SDPPI type approval certificate. This is because, this device employs frequency such as Bluetooth, wireless, DECT, etc. to communicate with its sound source. and based on the Indonesian Regulation, every single device that uses frequency to communicate is classified as telecommunication device and need to obtain SDPPI Approval first before marketed in Indonesia.

Moreover, if you are about to buy this device and still confuse with the choice, here we have some highly recommended brands that you can choose. They are Jabra, Plantronic Voyager, VXi BlueParrot , BlueAnt, Motorola, and Jawbone. However, we still believe that there are some other brands that have quality out there. And if one of these brands is yours, please let us know by leaving your comment bellow.

Finally, that’s all we can explain you about Bluetooth wireless headset. The conclusion is, this is an amazing device with high simplicity, ease, and sound quality. In addition, it is also compatible with so many devices. Therefore, if you want to afford a headset, don’t be doubt in Bluetooth wireless headset! Just give it a try, and feel the ease.

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