Introducing: Apple Watch 2 Specification, New Apple Watch with Advance Specification

Apple Watch 2 specification, It’s been a tradition for Apple to amaze the world in September. And for this year, Apple’s September moment was already held only a couple of days ago.

It was in September 7th, the Cupertino company held a big event to announce its newest products. And as usual, the new generation of Apple’s iPhone attracts most of the world’s attentions.

But, unfortunately, we are not going to talk about this Apple’s new Phone, which is called Apple iPhone 7, anymore since we already talked about it before.

So for now, we are going to talk about another Apple’s bombing product. It is the Apple Watch 2, the successor of Apple Watch.

Then, as Apple’s new iconic product, how great the Apple Watch 2 specification actually is? Here is the review about it.

introducing apple watch 2 specification new apple watch with advance specification

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As an introduction to Apple Watch 2 Specification, let’s talk about the previous version of this watch first. Before Apple really announced the first generation of Apple Watch, the rumor about it was widely spread. Many people predicted how the Apple Watch is going to look like, and how the specification of it would be.

introducing apple watch 2 specification new apple watch with advance specification

This prediction was going too far. People tried to picturize their imaginary Apple watch. As a result, rumors related to the design, specification, material, and others were widely spread.

But, right after Apple announced their Smart Watch for the first time, everything was suddenly gone. All those imaginary advance design and specification burned into the ashes.

What else if it’s not about the whole disappointment around this brand new watch. The design is no longer representing the elegance of Apple device so far.

Some people even say it more looks like a toy. The features of it are quite…ordinary. Not really far from its main competitor, the Galaxy Gear from Samsung that was released before.

And when we talk about price, it’s unreachable. As usual, Apple tagged their smart watch product in unbelievably real price. This is the price that makes people scared even before touching the products.

Looking at the Apple Watch 2 Specification

But, let’s get away from those bad things above because as I said before, Apple has launched their new generation of smart watch just a couple of days ago. This new Apple’s wearable device is called Apple Watch 2 Specification.

And looking closer to this new product, we can see that apparently, the company learned so much from the previous series. Many lacks in first Apple watch was highly eliminated and replaced with the brand new features which are amazing.

And about the specification, you don’t really have to worry about it since the Apple Watch 2 Specification comes in a highly considered level.

Apple Watch 2 Look

introducing apple watch 2 specification new apple watch with advance specification

Talking about Apple Watch 2 specification, you will be amazed by it. Even before we see the inside of this watch, we will be amazed by its look at the first sight.

There is no “toy-like” design anymore. Apple has made this watch comes more professional with an elegant look and mature design. This watch will come in two variant of length.

The one will have 38 mm length, and the other one has 42 mm. While in the material usage, you can choose between 3 options of materials provided by Apple. They are Ceramic for the comfort use, stainless steel for durability, and aluminum for the elegant performance.

While abut the strap, this watch will have leather strap for more prestigious impression. And more interestingly, Apple has teamed up with Nike and Hermes to make the special edition of this watch.

The collaboration with Nike results on the Apple Watch Nike+ edition. This is the edition of Apple Watch that will be perfect for those who like to do outdoor activity.

Provided in four colors with perforated strap, this watch will perfectly match with the sport people wrist. On the other hand, for you the fashion people, Apple watch also accommodates your needs perfectly.

As a big fashion brand, Apple’s choice to collaborate with Hermes seems to be just right. This collaboration results on the exclusive Hermes Double Buckle cuff that comes from Orange Hermes Sport Band and Epsom Calfskin Leathers.


In the display area, Apple has also used the new touch screen as a complement to the Apple Watch 2 Specification. This is a kind of screen that will be able to increase the functionality of Apple Watch 2.

This screen is considered as two times brighter than the one in the predecessor. To create the maximum performance, this screen is completed with 1000 nits of brightness.


introducing apple watch 2 specification new apple watch with advance specification

The next topic in the Apple Watch 2 Specification discussion is on its engine. Under the hood, his watch is supported with the powerful processor. This processor is the second version of dual core S2 chip from Apple watch processor line.

With this processor combined with the new Apple WatchOS 3, the company claims that the performance of this watch will be 50% faster than the predecessor. More than that, the GPU is also upgraded. With this new GPU, this watch could offer two times higher performance in the graphic sector.

Apple Watch 2 Features

Beyond all those Apple Watch 2 Specification, the features of it also comes in interesting ways. For swimmers, divers, and other aquatic activity fans, this watch will be your best match. This is due to the water resistance function of it which can be taken up to 50 meters depth.

Further, for travelers, this watch could also be beneficial due to the GPS features in it. This GPS offers the better tracking system so you’ll never get lost. Further, the heart rate sensor will also be useful during the sport activity.

Talking about price, this new Apple Watch 2 is offered with the quite reasonable price. It’s a little bit higher. But, seeing the great Apple Watch 2 Specification, we will notice that the price is just worth.

As reference, this new Apple Watch 2 is offered around 270 USD for the dual core processor version. For the ceramic version, the watch price will start from around 1249 USD, and 1499 USD for the Hermes. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab it fast!

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