iPhone 7 Specification, Beyond Specification of a Smartphone

iPhone 7 specification, narmadi.com. Finally, it’s here! After a long time of waiting, the new iPhone device has been released last night. Just like what it is predicted before, this new generation of Apple’s smartphone is named iPhone 7. 

As usual, this is the new state of Apple to launch 2 iPhone types in 1 model since the release of iPhone 6. And it seems like this state is repeated again in the new generation of Apple phone by launching 2 models of it.

They are the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Then, how is the performance of these Apple’s new smartphones? To answer this question, here is the iPhone 7 specification.

iPhone 7 Specification, True Definition of “Smart”

iphone 7 specification beyond specification of a smartphone

In the 7th September event last night, Apple has launched several new products such as Apple TV, Apple Watch 2, and others. But, most of the people attentions are aimed at Apple’s new phone.

What else if it’s not about the popular iPhone 7. As the most anticipated device in 2016, the new iPhone is the ready to hit the market with its super specification.

And by the last night event, the iPhone 7 specification has turned to become more real. It breaks all of the existing supposition about how the new iPhone would be. Then, the question is, will the iPhone 7 specification be able to beat its true rival the Galaxy Note 7? Let’s check it out.

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iPhone 7 Appearance

iphone 7 specification beyond specification of a smartphone

As usual, nothing can beat the classiness of Apple’s iPhone look. Since the very first series, this phone line has been known for its iconic design which reflects style and elegance.

And in this edition of iPhone 7, you will definitely amazed by its delighted design. The body comes in aluminum. But, Apple has made a quite breakthrough here. The company has turned the aluminum materials to look like a glass. This is what Apple calls the “Jet Black”.

Just like their predecessor, both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus come with 4.7 and 5.5 inch screen resolution. With these screen resolutions, you will get the wider view angle toward the screen.

Paired with the 16 million-color LED-backlit IPS LCD, the capacitive screen of this phone will result at the clear and bright image with highly considered details. Further, the presence of oleo phobic coating and Ion-strengthened glass will effectively protect the screen from scratch.

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iPhone 7 Camera

Other attraction in iPhone 7 is on the camera. In this photography sensors, both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus use 12 MP camera sensors. But, the interesting thing happen on the iPhone 7 Plus. This smartphone use dual camera sensors for a better imaging result.

The first lens is equal to 28mm lens, while the other is equal to 56 mm lens, which is called tele lens. With this dual camera, the phone is believed to have better view angle. Further, paired with several features such as OIS and dual tone flash, capturing picture in a low light condition will not be a problem anymore.


iphone 7 specification beyond specification of a smartphone

What is really notable in the new iPhone 7 is the audio system of it. Apple seems to learn a lot from the previous edition of iPhone. And as a result, they do quite significant change on the speaker design.

Now, the speaker can be found in up and down sides of the phone. Further, the 3.5 mm audio port is also eliminated. So, the only choice to connect the headset is from the lightning port or via wireless. And to support the audio system, Apple has completed the iPhone 7 with AirPods. This is a wireless headset which can be connected through wireless.

Is the rumor true? here is the rumored specification of iPhone 7,

That’s all of the information related to the iPhone 7 Specification that we need to share. Seeing from this specification, it will be so hard to beat this phone from the top smartphone list, unless it is because of price which until now is still not revealed yet.

Finally, we hope that the information here can be a reference for you in considering whether this device is worth to be afforded or not. And if you have any opinion about this product, the comment session below will be ready to contain your thought.

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