Apple Watch 2 vs Samsung Gear S3: Design. Who Wins?

Okay, because what we’re writing here may trigger some madness, so I need to make it very clear on the front. This Apple Watch 2 vs Samsung Gear S3 article is purely a personal opinion of mine as a common consumer.

Clearly because I’m not a techno expert on the root, please do not expect a techno geek analysis kind of article. And if you have different perspective with what’s explained here, I welcome you to put it in the comment session below.

Read the specification of Samsung Gear S3 in this link.

Apple Watch 2 vs Samsung Gear S3: Design. Who Wins?
Apple Watch 2 vs Samsung Gear S3, Review

For the last couple of years, we’ve been introduced to several smart watch products that come and go in and to the market. But, among those million products, there are at least 2 products, which shine brighter than the others. What else if they’re not Apple Watch Series 2 and Samsung Galaxy Gear S3.

So, in this occasion, we’ll explain you our personal thinking of why one of these products comes more upper-hand than the other, in term of design.

Yes, we’re going to talk only about design. So, here it is, Apple Watch2 vs Samsung Gear S3: Design. Who wins?

Battle of the Champions: Apple Watch 2 vs Samsung Gear S3

Design is the most superficial side from a certain product. This is the first thing assessed by the bare eyes of consumers before they are going further to assess the specs.

As a common belief says, design ALSO plays really important role in attracting buyers. And in the case of Apple Watch 2 vs Samsung Gear S3, we have to admit that actually both products have already come with such an impressive design.

There is nothing to complain because the fact that they have good taste design is undebatable. But, however when we put their designs in the same market segmentation, one of them must come up as a winner.

So, how about putting them in our segmentation? Yes, how if both products meets office employee and business man? Which one will get more attention? Let’s see!

Apple Watch 2 and Samsung Gear S3 Impression

Apparently it’s not fair to compare both watches because both of them have really distinct characteristics. But, because in fact people always put them in the same ring, then let’s just make it fair.

Apple Watch 2 vs Samsung Gear S3

Looking further to the design of Apple Watch Series 2, we can see that the product emerges really strong elegance impression.

It’s a sleek rectangular-shaped watch with glossy aluminum, stainless, and ceramic casing. Implicitly, this design channels that Apple wants to bring iPhone feel on the Watch Series 2.

Moreover, the options of color and band material; fluoroelastomer, nylon, leather, and stainless steel, make the Series 2 of Apple watch appears more cheerful and bright.

If you are a dynamic person with high tension of young spirit, then Apple Smart Watch Series 2 must be your best fit.

On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 comes more rugged and robust with military standard. Unlike Apple who chooses lighter casing material, Samsung provide more nerves by choosing metal.

It’s steel everywhere, ladies and gentlemen! As a result, there is no toleration on the weight.

More than that, what impressed us the most from Gear S3 is that, rather than bringing sleek-modern design, Samsung prefer to bring traditional look of watch to Gear S3.

It’s such a classy design with the perfect combination of round metal casing and silicon leather bands. Moreover, Samsung seems to take it seriously on watch durability.

With ability to stand on high and low temperature, you can take Gear S3 outside including for swimming.


dimension - Apple Watch 2 vs Samsung Gear S3
Apple Watch 2 vs Samsung Gear S3 – Review

Now, let’s talk about dimension. As a part of “Apple Watch 2 vs Samsung Gear S3: Design.

Who Wins?

Ssurely, dimension will e essential thing to talk. We know that Gear S3 comes as a big big heavy watch. It has 57 grams of weight for Classic flavor, and 62 grams for Frontier.

Matter of fact, these weights is almost two times heavier than Series 2 which has 28 grams of weight for Apple Watch 38, and 34 grams for Apple Watch 42.

Further, for the bands length, Gear S3 also comes longer with 49mm length for both Classic and Frontier. While in the case of Apple Watch Series 2, it has 43mm of band length for Apple Watch 42, and 39mm for Apple Watch 38.

With these details, we can conclude that Gear S3 is more specifically designed for mature businessman. On the other hand, Apple Watch Series two comes more general and can be used for both men and women from various range of age.

Screen, Who’s brighter?

Lastly, what’s interesting to be talked in Apple Watch 2 vs Samsung Gear S3 topis is about screen and bezel. Instead of choosing traditional look, Apple Watch Series 2 comes with modern 1.5” and 1.32” rectangular screen.

This screen looks so deep and bright with 390 x 312 and 340 and 272 screen resolution with 326 ppi of pixel density.

Apple Watch 2 vs Samsung Gear S3: Design. Who Wins?
Gear S3 Rotationg Bezel

On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 comes with smaller 1.3” round screen with 360 x 360 screen resolution.

While for pixel density, Samsung seems to be one step backward of Apple Watch Series 2 by bringing only 278 ppi of pixel density.

Further, what challenges smart watch manufacturers the most is finding out the best way to allow user interact with such a small screen of the watch.

Here, Samsung makes a better approach by bringing its rotating bezel technology. It’s intuitive, easy, and smooth to use. You can scroll up and down the menu, turn the volume up and down, and choose apps as easily as rotating the watch bezel.

While for Watch series 2, Apple seems to stay on their traditional watch crown method. This method allows you scrolling the menu to choose notifications or apps.

However, this method is less easy especially for them who have bigger finger.

Watches Variants

Apple Watch 2 vs Samsung Gear S3: Design. Who Wins?
Apple Watch Series 2 Crown Interface

Another interesting thing is the availability of various variants of the watch. Apple Watch series 2 comes with 3 variants: Hermes edition for fashion people, Apple Watch Nike for fitness enthusiast, and regular Apple watch series 2 for techno geek. These variants allow you to choose the one that complies with your personality.

Far from that, Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 comes with only 2 variants; frontier and classic. Both variants share a lot of resemblance with strong built impression and solid design.

Apple Watch 2 vs Samsung Gear S3: Conclusion

On the end of Apple Watch 2 vs Samsung Gear S3 discussion, here we come to the conclusion.  Overall, for business matter, I prefer traditional and classy look of watches.

It reflects maturity and strong character. More than that, the big size and strong built of it seems a little bit intimidating sometimes. So, I definitely go for Gear S3.

But, for you who are fond of to something a little brighter and cheerful, Apple Watch Series 2 must be a best option. Plus, it has lighter weight and brighter screen, which become a pint for this Apple product.

However, everything comes up to you and in your own world, you have your choice! Thank you for reading this article, if you have a thought about it, please be free to share it in comment session below.

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