Apple Watch Series 2 Hermes Edition, Fashion Overload!

Apple Watch Series 2 Hermes Edition, Apple is really serious about their product segmentation, yes they really are. This can be seen by the latest collaboration between the Cupertino Company with the world-High Fashion brand, Hermes.

This is a unique collaboration between the leading techno company and most delicate fashion creator.

So, what else do you guys expect from this collaboration except a product with technology inside, and classiness outside? This principle can be seen in the latest edition of Apple iconic smart watch: Apple Watch Series 2 Hermes Edition.

And with this product, Surely Apple is targeting the high-end consumer who has high taste of fashion.

Apple Watch Series 2 Hermes Edition, Fashion Overload!

What comes in mind when you hear the word “Hermes”? Fancy bag, shoes, perfume, glasses, purse, and other thing that is only socialites could ever have.

But, collaborating with Apple, the Paris exclusive fashion brand has been succeeded combining its classiness with Apple sophisticated technology into one product: Apple Watch Series 2 Hermes Edition.

This is Apple’s specially-designed smart watch that is features with classy and elegant Hermes leather band. So, how this product actually looks like? Here is our humble review about it.

The Apple Watch Series 2 Hermes Specs

September Last year was a big month for Apple. In the Apple Event that was held in San Francisco, CEO Tim Cook announced several new Apple products.

Even though all of attentions was aimed to the new iPhone 7, but there is one product that attracted a lot of attention: Apple Watch Series 2 Hermes Edition.


This is one variant of 4 Apple Watch variants that was launched by Apple. Talking about specification, actually the specification of this Apple watch product is not too different from 3 other variants.

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Starting from the OS, surely Apple made a big jump from the previous Watch OS. Now, Apple Watch Series 2 Hermes Edition has been strengthened with the new Watch OS 3.

This is the new OS that promises you the faster performance, refreshed interface, and various new applications. More interestingly, this OS also allows applications to run in the background.

Therefore, you can load the application faster. Featured with the new A2 custom processor from Apple, this OS performs really good to provide better graphic and better overall performance.


What differ the most between Apple Watch Series 2 Hermes edition and other variants of Apple Watch Series 2 is the design. If you are a fanatic fan of Parisian taste, then this premium watch will definitely be your best fit.


From the packaging, you will find quite resemblance between this Apple Watch series and other Hermes products. Yes, both of them are covered with Hermes iconic orange Box.

More than that, the watch also brings the muse of Hermes’s Espace, Cape Cod, and Clipper timepieces. The classiness of Hermes timepieces will combine perfectly with 1.65 inch OLED display from Apple.

This 390 x 312 pixels display is twice brighter than the previous watch series display. What is more delicate than this product, right?


Further, if I can say, what makes this watch edition is so Hermes is surely because of its handcrafted-bands. The bands itself comes from the premium leather with multiple color and design.

Unlike other variants of, the band of Apple Watch Series 2 Hermes edition is interchangeable bands. There are 3 band variants that are available: 38 mm Double Buckle Cuff, 38 mm Double Tour, and 38 mm and 42 mm Single Tour.

You can personalize the watch with the band variant you like and the color you prefer. And also, please don’t forget that this watch has water resistance and GPS capability for your outdoor activity.

Apple Watch Series 2 Hermes Edition Bands


For those who are not pay attention on fashion, this Apple Watch series should not be the best choice. Besides having the higher price, the technology is still the same with other variants that has five times cheaper price.

But, if you are a fashion people, surely price doesn’t matter when it comes to art, and delicacy. So, if you are interested to own this Hermes x Apple Smart Watch, this pricing is ranging from 1299 USD until 1499 USD in Apple official website.

While in Indonesia, Apple Watch Series 2 Hermes edition is offered in the price around 37.000.000 IDR.

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