Start Your Run with Apple Watch Series 2 Nike Edition

Apple Watch Series 2 Nike. Back in September 2016, we had one anticipated event of the year. What else if it’s not about Apple’s event that was held in San Francisco. During that event, CEO Tim Cook and his Apple’s techno-wizards gang unveiled several new products, including the most anticipated iPone 7.

But for now, let’s just leave the new iPhone 7 alone because our focus here is on the other products.

Yes, it is the second generation of Apple smart watch series that was launched along with iPhone 7 and some other Apple products.

Offered in some variants, there is one variant that attract our attention so much: Apple Watch Series 2 Nike.

Apple Watch Series 2 Nike Edition
Apple Watch Series 2 Nike

The first generation of Apple Watch Series was a great success for Apple. And apparently, the Cupertino Company wanted to repeat their success by launching the successor of Apple Watch.

And here we go: the iconic Apple Watch Series 2. This smart watch adds Apple portfolios in wearable device. And to fulfill consumer’s needs, the smart wearable is offered in 4 variants.

They are Apple Watch, Apple Watch Edition, Apple Watch Hermès, and Apple Watch Nike+. For the Apple Watch Nike+, this product is interesting. From the model name, we know that this gadget is specified for runner So, how this Apple Watch Series 2 variant looks like? Here is the review about it.

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Design of Apple Watch Series 2 Nike

What differentiates between Apple Watch Series 2 Nike and others variants is mostly about the design. Having relatively same core features, Apple Watch 2 Nike edition looks bolder than the others with its iconic design, especially on the bands.

There are 4 kinds of perforated fluoroelastomer bands offered. These bands are designed with hole on the surface, allowing the skin to breathe more easily.

More than that, these holes are so effective to reduce the weight of the device. But unfortunately, these bands are not sold separately. You only get 1 band with 1 Apple smart watch unit.

4 Apple Watch Series 2 Nike Variants

Further, in term of body dimension, there is no significant difference between Apple Watch Series 2 Nike edition and other editions. The display is the same too.

And the good news is, 1.65-inch 390 x 312 OLED display on Apple Watch Series 2 has the better screen with brighter and sharper color than the previous Apple Watch generation.

Not stopping on that, the Watch 2 display has the lower power consumption too. Thanks to the OLED display that brings this technology is possible.

In addition, water-resistance capability of this device is worth to be considered.


Generally speaking, the core specifications of Apple Watch Series 2 Nike are similar from the other variants. It has WatchOS 3, which performs a lot better than the previous OS.

In this OS, you can find your apps working on the background, so they can be loaded faster. More than that, the new processor is quite interesting too.

In this wearable series, Apple put their trust on the custom chip “A2”. With the faster operation and better graphic, this processor put Apple Watch Series 2 on top of the list.

Specs of Apple Watch Series 2 Nike Edition
Nike+ Run Club App User Interface

Furthermore, there is nothing more interesting feature for runner than the GPS function. With the GPS, they can get accurate information regarding to the distance and position to map their route.

And Apple Watch Series 2 gives it all. This smart wearable can get locked onto GPS signals really quickly. So, this device doesn’t even need to get GPS signal from the synced smartphone.

So, you don’t need to carry your phone during your run. With addition of Nike+ Run Club apps and Siri, your running activity will be easier than before. Siri works brilliantly in Apple Watch Series 2 Nike.

She can identify the command easily. All you need is by aiming your watch close to your mouth, then say “Hi Siri, Start run”.

Then the watch will launch Nike+ Run Club apps instantly. It will count in 3 seconds, and then you can kick off your run.

Nike Apple Watch Price

With all those functionalities, Apple Watch Series 2 Nike is ideal for athletes and athletes wanna-be.


Even though some athletes such as Dana Wollman said that the GPS tracker in this wearable is not precise enough for professional, but this device works fine for just jogging, walks, or hiking.

So, our conclusion is: if you like to run for hobby or exercise, this watch would be perfect. But, if you’re a professional, another more sophisticated running watch should be the better choice.

Finally, all discussion will end up in price. And talking about price tag, we say that Apple Watch Series 2 is quite expensive. Well in fact, all Apple products are expensive too.

But compared to other competitors, this gadget is too way expensive. So, for you who are interested to bring this Apple Watch Series 2 Nike edition home, this wearable is tagged around 450 USD on Amazon.

While for Indonesian consumers, you can find this price’s ranging around 6-7 millions rupiahs.

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