A Closer Look to Canon i-SENSYS MFP6180dw

The use of printer is getting viral nowadays. Not only for offices, but houses also uses printer to fulfill the needs of its owner. Therefore, the development of printer manufacturing is running faster, including research and development process to bring this device into the next level.

One of the results of this rapid growth of printer technology is Canon i-SENSYS MFP6120dw. This is the device that considered as upper hand in its class. And if you want to know more about details of this product, below is the review about it.

Canon i-SENSYS MFP6180dw

Seeing the product series of this printer, we can figure out that this device is included to Multi Function Printer. It means that Canon i-SENSYS MFP6180dw is not a common printer that only has printing function.

But, as Multi Function Printer, it has many additional features included such as printer, copier, scanner, and fax. So, than buying each device separately, which is more expensive, this device is really recommended to get all of those functions at once.

We know that Canon has been playing in printer manufacturing from so many years ago. So, their experiences in manufacturing this product can’t be doubted anymore. Talking about specification, the company already gave Canon i-SENSYS MFP6180dw with high level of it. Of course, this is done since this product is classified as the frontliner of the company. So let’s check it one by one.

A Closer Look to Canon i-SENSYS MFP6180dw

From the outside, we know that this is not a common product. It has the compact shape with some panels on there. These panels will help you in operating the printer easily since they are quite easy to understand. In the above, we can see the paper entrance for the photocopy, which give the device more modern look. With the dimension 390 x 473 x 431 mm and 19.1 kg of weight, this device can be used for both office and houses.

One of the attractions of Canon i-SENSYS MFP6180dw is its fax function. This function allow 19 settings of speed dial with only 7 dial button placed on the printer panel. Then where is the other 19? They are hidden under the flip-up top.

Talking about paper handling, you have so plenty options here. This device has 250-sheet paper handling ability as default, plus 50-sheets additional tray. But, if you need something more, you can add 500 more sheets. Therefore, total sheets that this MFP can handle is about 800 sheets.

The quality of scanning function is also good. You can scan full color A4 paper in with 300 dpi only 12 seconds. While when you scan in 600 dpi, it will take 29 seconds. The result of scanning process is amazing. The color can be duplicated well in detail.

About connectivity, an Ethernet port is standard for Canon i-SENSYS MFP6180dw. We can also find wireless 802.11b/g/n features wireless feature need SDPPI Approval before marketed in Indonesia.

Moreover, you can also do data transferring through your removable disk by connect it to the USB port in it with smooth interface by Canon. Moreover, it also has security Print that won’t allow the documents to be printed until user stand in front of the device to type the password.

More detailed specification abut this device, read: Canon i-SENSYS MFP6180dw at here

In closing, this device is really recommended whether for office or individual use. Especially for central office, Canon i-SENSYS MFP6180dw will be the perfect choice since it has high level of speed, about 24 pages per minute. So, if you need high performance MFP with good printing result and compact design, just go get Canon i-SENSYS MFP6180dw right away.

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