The Real Breakthrough: Electric Vehicles Wireless Charging

Continuing our previous post about wireless charging, now we are going to talk about the possibility of this technology to be used in electric vehicle. Even though this technology is not ready yet, but it’s still interesting to be discussed.

And if electric vehicles wireless charging really happens in the future, this kind of charging will definitely trigger the electric vehicle sale numbers.

The Development of Electric Vehicles Wireless Charging

The Real Breakthrough: Electric Vehicles Wireless Charging

One of the problems in electric car ownership is sometimes we forget to plug the charger into its socket at night, so we will wake up in the morning with empty battery.

Or it’s a bit bothering when we run out of electricity in the middle of the road. Plus, charging electric vehicle battery seems to be slower than filling gas to its tank. This is why if we don’t make a significant lap in electric vehicles wireless charging, these problems will still exist.

But, if we can make advance electric vehicles wireless charging possible for vehicle, the story will be different. Everything can be done easily, including charging your car while you’re running into the store or just going to the drive-through. In addition, you can charge your car in your garage when you’re not using it. So simple, as easy as pie.

Moreover, electric vehicles wireless charging will also support the autonomous vehicle industry too. Today, many autonomous electric cars still need human intervention to plug the charging into its socket at the wall. But, with wireless charging, these vehicles can be fully automatic. They will run into the closest charging pad when they run out electricity. So, human intervention will no longer be needed, at all.

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Unfortunately, all of these dreams can not be achieved easily. It is because it’s difficult to charge vehicle wirelessly than when we do it in smartphone. This is because vehicle needs much higher wattage. Luckily, as the time passed, it seems like this problem is about to be solved.

Recently scientist found a breakthrough with the concept of 20kW charger that works with 90% efficiency. This is enough to charge your Tesla for 60 miles just in an hour.

Another project due to the electric vehicles wireless charging Research and Development process was done by Qualcomm. This chips manufacturer has developed what it calls “Dynamic Wireless Charging”. The basic principle of this technology is creating charging pad that able to charge vehicle instantly while they are running.

As quoted from Derek Aberle, the president of Qualcomm, he said that there might be wireless charging elements in highway in the future. With these elements, driver could charge their electric car while driving, said he during his speech in Mobile World Congress. Further, these charging elements will be able to be installed in street, parking lot, garage, or others.

Further, Aberle also said that this brilliant invention might be able to used in the following two or three years ahead. With this technology, drivers don’t have to plug in their electric vehicle charging socket anymore. Just cruise over the road that has charging pads in it, and let your electric vehicle charge by themselves.

However, remembering that this technology is really prospective to be used in the future, I bet there will be many companies that develop this electric vehicles wireless charging. Moreover, with the raising issue environmental risk caused by fossil fuel, wireless charging could be the best alternative for that.

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