CD Stereo System, a Classically Modern Entertainment System

The development of entertainment system is getting faster. With so many new inventories, people nowadays can choose what kind of entertainment system that they want. Moreover, with the rapid R&D process, manufacturers not only offer the brand new technology to their consumers. But they come with the updated version of their old products. The old devices like CD stereo system for example.

If in the past we still use the traditional version of this entertainment system, nowadays, everything has changed. These are the interesting part of this massive move of technology. we can do nostalgic moment with old kind of device, but it has the new features that already installed in it.

Therefore by using this kind of device, we can feel both classical and modern feel at once. This thing happens on the CD stereo system.

This is the device that is identical with the past technology. Back at that time, when this kind of entertainment system was popular, manufactures was able to get high profits by selling this device.

This thing was also supported by most of artist such as singer, movie maker, documentary maker, and others, release their album or film in CD. That’s why many people were interested toward this device.

CD Stereo System, A Classically Modern Entertainment System.(1)
CD stereo system

But, by the time, the new inventory such as mp3 player, mp4, laptop, mobile phone, and other devices that can play both audio and video file, has replaced the functionality of CD Stereo System.

People prefer to choose these devices due to the practical reason. Plus, when they use these devices, they can save more money since they can download the file online so they don’t have to buy cassette, which is not really cheap.

Moreover, when you use cassette, automatically you need to provide more space to load all of your cassettes, while when you use digital device, everything can be saved in one small memories.

But, this phenomenon is well responded by manufacturers. In order to get more profits, they modify their CD stereo system to be more modern. Now, many of them use the newest technology such as Bluetooth, Wireless, NFC, and others.

And if you hate dealing with tangled wires when setting your CD stereo, now this thing is about to end. It is because this device nowadays using wireless or Bluetooth Speaker System.

Therefore, everything turns to be practical. In addition, even if it still uses CD room as the source, but many manufacturers has also installed USB ports and wireless or Bluetooth in it. Therefore, so user can input their music via flash drive, phone, tablets, and other personal devices.

CD Stereo System Requires SDPPI Certification Before Marketed in Indonesia

CD Stereo System, A Classically Modern Entertainment System..(1)
CD stereo system

As stated before, many manufacturers nowadays try to attract consumers by installing the newest technology into their CD stereo system products. Some of these technologies such as Bluetooth, Wireless, NFC, and others, are employing frequency to be able to work. That’s why they are classified to Post and telecommunication devices.

As a result, it is mandatory for them to get SDPPI Type Approval certification before marketed in Indonesia. This rule is based on Indonesian regulation No. 16 Tahun 2018 about telecommunication devices certification. It says every communication device that still being produced, assembled, used and traded in Indonesian territory, is mandatory to have type approval certification.

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Some Popular Brands

CD Stereo System, A Classically Modern Entertainment System(1)
CD stereo system

There are many popular CD stereo system brands in the market. All of them has their own positive and negative sides.

And to help you dealing with the various options when buying this device, here we have listed some of them that we think are superior among others. They are Bose, Samsung, LG, GPX, Jensen, Onkyo, RCA, Yamaha, Panasonic, Sony, Sylvania, and NAXA Electronics.

However, this list is based on out choice and our taste. So, there is always possibility that other products may have the same or better quality.

And if you think a certain product deserve to be listed above, you can contact us right away or just put your thought in the comment session below. Unfortunately, this is the end of our discussion.

We hope this article is useful, and able to help you decide what entertainment system that is best for you. However, the best devices is the one who can meet your needs perfectly.

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