An Introduction to Wireless Speaker System

The development of wireless technology has come to the speaker system. Nowadays, you can find speaker systems that don’t need wire to data transferring at all. Instead, these speaker systems use wireless technology to stream the music, news report, or podcast from your tablet, smartphone, or even multi room receiver. Yes, we’re talking about Wireless Speaker System.

The main attraction of this Wireless Speaker System is that it easy and simple to set up. You just need to move it to certain place you want. Then connect it with your personal device, and it will work amazingly. Moreover, if you are the one who likes to stream music from online sources such as Pandora and spotify, this kind of speaker will fulfill your need so perfectly. And all of this thing can be done without even sacrificing the quality of the sound.

But, when you want to buy this product, there are some things that need to be noted. Firstly and the most important one, is about the way of this device connects with the audio source. This factor is important since it will determine the operation range and compatibility of this device. So, before going to the store, it is better for you to decide whether you want to buy Wireless Speaker System with Bluetooth, WiFi, or both.

Actually, both Bluetooth and Wifi they have their own positive and negative sides. With Bluetooth, you might connect your wireless speaker system to most of sound source devices. It is because Bluetooth technology is generally compatible to most of them. While in the case of WiFi, we know that not all devices has WiFi feature in it. So, whenever you want to buy this kind of speaker, you better understand the specification of sound source that you use.

But, even Bluetooth technology has high compatibility, it still has limited transmission range. Some manufacturers may claim their Bluetooth product to have 30 feet transmission range. But in fact, their product could only reach 15 feet of range. Of course, this range is not enough for a big house. Especially when this house has so many walls, since walls can significantly decrease the transmission range of Bluetooth.

On the other side, indeed WiFi is not as general as Bluetooth. But, we know that the penetration of this technology is quite rapid recently. We can find WiFi features installed in so many devices such as laptop, phone, and tablet.

Obviously, WiFi has wider range of transmission than Bluetooth. It has about 120 feet range in indoor, even if the actual range might be lesser than that. With this transmission range, WiFi can cover your entire house better than Bluetooth.

When we use WiFi system, the audio signal from the source will be transmitted from the source as lossless codec. This is why there will be no fidelity loss on the audio when it transferred through WiFi network. Therefore, the sound quality in the wireless speaker system will be identical with its source.

Wireless Speaker System Needs SDPPI Approval

An Introduction to Wireless Speaker System

As stated before, wireless speaker system uses Bluetooth, or WiFi, or both technologies inside. With the installation of this technology, this product is included to post and telecommunication device.

This is why before marketed in Indonesia, this device need to obtain SDPPI Approval first.  As quoted from Indonesian regulation No. 16 Tahun 2018 about telecommunication devices certification, every communication device that still being produced, assembled, used and traded in Indonesian territory, is mandatory to have type approval certification.

Some Popular Wireless Speaker System Brands

Talking about popular brands, we have so many list of it. This list mostly contains the old player in speaker manufacturing. They have strong brand that represent the world class market. 

So, whenever you want to buy Wireless Speaker System, you can choose one of the brands on the list. The brands are Sonos, Denon HEOS, Bluesound, Bose SoundTouch, Harman Kardon, Naim MuSo, Yamaha Music Cast, Google, LG, Raumfeld, DTS, and Samsung.

Lastly, we realize that the brands list above is too narrow if we compare to the number of wireless speaker system brands in the world. So, if you are manufacturing this amazing product, and you think your brand has good quality and deserve to be placed on above list, you can contact us right away. Or, just put your opinion on the comment section below. Hopefully this article could help you in deciding which wireless speaker system is best for you. And after all, may it be a lesson for you to be a smart consumer.

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