Digital Camera, A Usefully Compact Photography Device

Digital camera, – Today, digitalization process seems to come to its culmination point. We can see that almost every device apply digital technology in order to present users the easiest access.

And now, this process has come to the most important photography equipment, camera. We know that the era of rollfilm camera has ended since a long time ago. Now it is replaced by the ones that use digital technology in it, or what we usually call digital camera.

What is digital camera?

This is the kind of camera that is able to encode the digital video or images, and then store them for the further reproduction. Unlike the rollfilm camera, this kind of camera displays the photo created on the screen and save it in memory.

By using memory, photographer can create more HD photos without even worry to run out of rollfilm. Moreover, many digital camera sold nowadays also provide photo editor function in it.

Feel free to visit digital camera user manuals in case you want to know more detail on how to use and operate the camera.

Looking back to the history of digital camera, we will know that the idea of making this amazing device was founded firstly by Eugene F. Lally. He was working for Jet Propulsion Laboratory and thinking about the way in using mosaic photosensor to create digital images. This idea was firstly aimed to take the pictures of planets and stars when astronaut travels in space. This images will be usable to know astronaut’s coordinate.

Even though Lally was firstly come out with the idea of digital camera, but Steven Sasson was the one who firstly built and invented this device in 1975 by using camera tube. Then this device spread and adopted rapidly around the world. Until in 1990s, this device become common among society, and fully replaced the rollfilm camera in the mid-2000. And in the beginning of 2010, ths device ic connected to almost every smartphone device.

Digital Camera Needs to Obtain SDPPI Approval Before Marketed in Indonesia

Digital Camera, A Usefully Compact Photography Device

With the growth of technology, the digital camera also grows to certain level where we can find so many kinds of it. Now, we are presented with so many kinds of this device in the market. They are Compacts, Rugged compacts, Action cameras, Mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras, Modular cameras, Digital Single Lens Translucent (DSLT) cameras, and others.

Moreover, we can also find so many additional features in it. Nowadays, the digital camera is not only giving photo capturing function, but more than that. To give ease, in data transferring for example, many manufacturers installed WLAN, WiFi, and Bluetooth module in their products. Even in the recent news, some manufacturers have included NFC (Near Field Communication) Technology to their camera products.

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With such features above, Digital Camera products needs to obtain SDPPI Approval before distributed in Indonesia. This is because with those feature, it means that the products employ frequency, so it classified as post and telecommunication device.

As quoted from Indonesian regulation No. 16 Tahun 2018 about telecommunication devices certification, every communication device that still being produced, assembled, used and traded in Indonesian territory, is mandatory to have type approval certification. Therefore, we can conclude that immobilizer should obtain SDPPI Approval before it is marketed in Indonesia.

Popular Digital Camera Manufacturer

Talking about popular digital camera manufacturer, we definitely will have so many candidates on the list. From the Asian, Europe, America, and other continents, we can find digital camera manufacturers that make amazing product. And for our choice, we have Canon, Sony, Nikon, Case logic, Samsung, Fujifilm, Olympus, pentax, panasonic, Ricoh, leica, Polaroid, JVC, Kodak, HP, Casio, Intove, coleman, Lowerpro, precision, Samyang, Rokinon, Sealife, Vanguard, Tamron, Vivitar, Bell Howell, Zeikos, and many others.

Of course, the list above is too narrow if we compare it with the number of digital camera manufacturer in the world. So, if you run the business in manufacturing this device, and you think your product is deserve to be placed in that list, just contact us. Your thought is really welcomed in the comment session below.

That’s all of our discussion about digital camera. Our suggestion are, if you are about to buy one, it is better for you to consider the features in it. Pick the one that you really need, not the most expensive one with many features in it. However, you should also consider your budget too. May this article helpful in helping you the best product for your own.

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