Sony Alpha7 RII Review, Best Digital Camera Product

Talking about the best digital camera product of 2016, of course, the list will be so subjective. Some people might want a certain characteristic from certain manufacturer, but the others might not. This is why we remind you in the first time that this list is not something absolute. We don’t say that Sony Alpha7 RII is the best for everyone, but at least for us, and for most of the people in the world.

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To strengthen this claim, we give you the fact that we decided this best camera product of 2016 from so many parameters. These parameters are public response, selling number, features, and many others.

And from so many products that marketed in the world, there is one device that we think could fulfill all of those requirements. It is Sony Alpha7 RII. This is an amazing product from well-known manufactured which deserve to be consider when you are about to buy digital camera.

Talking about Sony, all of us must know that this manufacturer has been experienced long enough in manufacturing camera. With these long experiences, we can’t deny that they never fail in building such devices. Therefore, picking one of their products on top of the list might be the right step to take, especially for their amazing Sony Alpha7 RII.

When you are looking for full frame camera with professional quality, then Canon DSLR or Nikon will be the best choice. But, if you think these devices are too big to carry, you definitely need something much smaller with approximately similar ability and function.

Here is where Sony Alpha7 RII takes part. This camera has changed the traditional principle of big size camera with its mirrorless technology. Alpha7 RII is actually the second series of A7-line. As the newest product, this camera has the highest resolution with more complete features if it is compared to its predecessor.

Sony Alpha7 RII Specification

Sony Alpha7 RII Review, Best Digital Camera Product

Looking from outside, we can see that the body of this mirrorless device is classically modern. Sony is so smart in combining these two factors in one compact camera.  But, overall… we can see that Sony Alpha7 RII is getting bulky than its predecessor. It might because the additional features in it.  But, this additional size doesn’t matter since this camera still has elegantly classic appearance.

Going inside, we will find high level of specification in it. if you find Canon’s professional camera at least has 50-megapixel resolution, here in Sony Alpha7 RII you will get at least 42.4 megapixel resolution with only two third size only. With high resolution view finder and image stabilization in 5-axis, the full frame pictures and 4K videos created will be more than amazing.

In operating this camera, the company has given the easy access to the customers. If you are familiar with a point-and-shoot system with rear LCD, then the entry level model should be easy to understand. Talking about zoom lenses, most of them should be operated manually, even in some models it is already able to be operated electronically. Moreover, the electronic viewfinder could be found in certain models too.

Other interesting specifications of this device is that its lenses that have Sony E mount system with ability to create full frame photos and 4K videos. Then, you will also find 3-inch tilting with 1,229k dots, continuous shooting with 5fps, and all of them are specialized for expert user level. That’s all we can say about the fabulous Sony Alpha7 RII. With all of those sophisticated features and classically modern look, this device will definitely be the champion in photography.

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