Product Review: The Bombastic JBL Authentics L8

The popularity of wireless speaker system is getting bigger and bigger nowadays. Since it has more flexibility and easy to set up, many people prefer to choose this device than any other similar products in the market. And if you are about to afford it, here is the most recommended wireless speaker product of 2016. From the well-known speaker manufacturers, we present you JBL Authentics L8.

Titled as the best wireless speaker system of 2016, this device is completed with high level of features in it. All of them will definitely please your needs toward high quality of sound in hearing your favorite music. And if you can’t hold your excitement into this, here is the review of this bombastic speaker product.

JBL Authentics L8 Specifications

Talking about specification, it definitely will surprise you out. But, before going deeper into this, let’s talk about its classy elegant appearance first. If we usually find high class speaker system uses wooden veneer coating, in JBL Authentics L8 we will have shiny plastic as the coating.

This coating is polished enough, make it looks shiny and glossy. You can even use it as a mirror though. But, as result of this shiny and glossy material, this wireless speaker system is easy to get fingerprint in it, which is not really nice.

Product Review The Bombastic JBL Authentics L8
JBL Authentics L8

Going to the front side of JBL Authentics L8, it covered with removable foam grille. This grille looks absolutely classy and elegant. That’s why it can easily blend with your modern room décor.

Then, in the inside of the grille, you will find two 1-inch tweeters, and also two 4-inch woofers. With these equipments, the Authentics L8 could reach high frequency range between 55 Hz to 35 kHz. With this frequency, the output quality of the sound will be clear and crisp.

Looking at the overall appearance of this device, we will see something elegantly classy. The controls are located on top of speaker, makes us easy to access it. While on both sides, there are silver discs with different functions each.
The disc on the left is used to switch the source of the sound. While the right one is used to adjust the volume. Moreover, there is also lighting up translucent ring that corresponds to the volume level. In addition, you can also find the in/off button in the middle of right disc.

Connectivity becomes one attraction of JBL Authentics L8. Here you will have options whether you want to use wired or wireless mode of connectivity. When you use wired connectivity, you can find all of the wire ports are located on the bottom side of this device inside the chamber.

Next to the power supply, you will find 3.5mm jack and USB ports to charge the phone that are located under the removable cover. Moreover, you can replace this cover with Qi wireless pad for more convenient charging.

Product Review The Bombastic JBL Authentics L8 1
JBL Authentics L8

Beside wired connectivity, you can also use wireless connectivity, which becomes the main point of this product. Here, you will find basic Bluetooth function that is compatible to most of the device.

Moreover, Airplay and DLNA features are also installed perfectly in JBL Authenthich L8. And for these protocols, you need to connect them to the router when you’re about to use them. In addition, it is not a big problem to connect the classy elegant speaker to iPhone and Mac. All the things you need to do is only sharing your iPhone WiFi cable. But, in the case of Mac, you need to do set up first via WiFi.

Overall, we think that this device deserves to be placed as number one wireless speaker system of the year. With high quality of sound and classy elegant appearance, we can say that the price around $599 is definitely worth. So, whenever you look for high quality product with high level features in it, the JLB Authentics L8 is going to be the best choice.

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