Nikon D3500 Specs: Entry level Camera Market Harder

It is quite shocking to hear that Nikon decided to discontinue its popular Nikon D3300 series. We all know that this is one of the most popular DSLR entry-level series in the game. But why the Japanese photography mogul decided to do that?

Until now, there’s still no official confirmation about the reason why. But, many analysts assume that at this stage, Nikon is preparing something new to be brought to the market. It’s predicted to be Nikon D3500. So, as the successor of D3300, how’s the Nikon D3500 specs is going to be? Here is the prediction based on some popular rumors.

Nikon D3500 Specs: Upper-hand in Entry Level Camera Market

For photo enthusiasts, the release of Nikon D3300’s successor might be clearly seen based on the reality. Even if the brand has not officially released particular announcement, some of Nikon fans told that it is going to be D3500.

If you are curious of how it is going to be, here are several leaked rumors and predictions about the Nikon D3500 Specs.


Nikon D3500 Specs

Besides Nikon D3500 Specs, what triggers a lot curiosity from this camera is the design of it. For your information, Nikon D3500 will remain to be DSLR. So it will not be mirrorless, like what many people supposed.

In terms of body dimension, it will adopt the previous body with bit betterment in several aspects. The body is predicted to be more portable and easier to grip with lighter overall weight.

Aside from the body dimension, black seems to be chosen as the case domination for solid and firm nuances. The D3500 will receive interchangeable lens model. So, you can feel free to select the most suitable kit based on your needs.

The shutter button, power on/off, dial modes, and built-in flash are on the strategic place over the top-plate. Meanwhile, even it is not supported touchscreen module, its super-wide LCD Screen will keep its graphic outstanding.


Talking about the features, there’s still no exact information about it. The most likely rumor said that Nikon D3500 Specs is going to be powered by 24 million effective pixels as the heart of camera. Better still, Toshiba will be the main manufacturer for this camera’s sensor.

Nikon D3500 Specs and predictions

Nikon keeps using Toshiba technology since it is getting better day by day even in small periods. Another leaked-information is about the ISO. The ISO of Nikon D3500 will be more adjustable. So, you can feel free to select the ISO level from ISO 100 up to ISO 25.600 based on your needs.

On the viewfinder sector, Nikon D3500 is rumored to adopt its predecessor’s mode. It will still use small size model. But, it is expected to be much better in term of subject coverage and active dots inside. This is the kind of viewfinder that will Nikon D3500 stronger power than its predecessor.

There is no leaked information about the LCD resolution and model. But, according to hearsay, it is going to continue the LCD Screen of the earlier models. As the speculation, Nikon might set touchscreen LCD panel which is pack to help lots of function.

For videography, the D3500 specs seem to be powered with 4K or HD video recording capability. Supported by clear voice from built-in mini microphone, your video will have brilliant audio quality. The Wi-Fi technology feature is hoped to be increased for faster and real-time file transferring and uploading.

Nikon D3500 Price and Release Date

There is nothing impossible in today’s digital camera industry development. Thing you should know is that Nikon is now preparing big surprises for all photo enthusiast around the world. If the rumors and predictions are right, Nikon D3500 specs is worth to wait.

This camera was originally predicted to be released at the end of 2016. So, because it’s already 2017 and we haven’t heard any announcements, we believe that this camera will be released soon. While for the price, it’s predicted to be around 650 USD with lens kit, and 450 USD for body only.

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