4 Different Features on Fujifilm X-A20 and X-A3

We are going to talk about 4 different features on Fujifilm X-A20 and X-A3. In this era, camera is one of human need to make them seem exist either in a real or virtual life. Most people who like to go travelling, they usually often to immortalize everything they have done in any places.

People who like to have a trip, they always take photos to save their moments using camera. In taking photos, they usually also choose the best camera such as Fujifilm. Fujifilm is one of the top categories for camera. There is the best camera Fujifilm features on each products.

In taking photos, they usually also choose the best camera such as Fujifilm. Fujifilm is one of the top categories for camera. There is the best camera Fujifilm features on each products.

Related to the camera chosen, Fujifilm would like to offer you in choosing the best camera with the reachable price, but it has good quality.

As you have known that Fujifilm is one of the best brands in camera for you to have it. It has been launched and sold out with the good reviews from the users. Those are Fujifilm X-A3, X-A5, X-A10, X-A20, etc.

From those kinds, this article would like you to know more specific about Fujifilm X-A20 and X-A3 as the consideration. Is there any difference between them? To compare it, let us to know first about Fujifilm X-A20.

What does Fujifilm X-A20 look like?

Fujifilm X-A20 is one of mirrorless camera as the improvement of X-A10. This is a camera which has slim design and stylist that can be folded until 180o.

This camera has touch screen LCD with 3.0 inch and kit FUJINON XC eyeglasses about 15-45 mm OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) PZ F/3.5-5.6. Therefore, it is very suitable for selfie, macro photography, and making vlog.

Mirrorless camera of X-A20 uses sensor APS-C CMOS 16.3 MP. The users also can upgrade the ISO maximal up to 25.600. Besides the sensor and ISO, this Fujifilm camera has good quality of video recording with full HD up to 30 fps.

For the dial mode of this camera, it is very easy to learn and suitable for newbie or beginner. It has simple buttons and menu which is very understandable.

What are the best features of Fujifilm camera X-A20?

The first feature of this mirrorless camera is for selfie mode. For people who likes to selfie, they only need to knock the LCD screen to take the pictures. Camera X-A20 is also completed with timer and smile shutter, so the camera will capture the photos when the people are smiling automatically.

The second feature is group self-portrait. It is suitable for people who want to take photos in group. The camera will capture the picture when all people have already in frame automatically.

The third feature is portrait skin model. It is also an excellent feature that can make the result of photos be more beautiful. It will detect and adapt the skin color automatically.

The fourth feature is creative shooting function. In this feature, there are 15 filters to create good quality and an artistic photo. There is also a film simulation for users who want to choose 6 classic unique colors of Fujifilm such as PROVIA, VELVIA, ASTIA, etc.

How about the connectivity of X-A20?

Fujifilm X-A20 is one of mirrorless camera which is supported by Wi-Fi technology and micro USB port. In this camera, Wi-Fi is built in as wireless communication to make the users be easier in connecting the camera with smartphone.

The users also can control it through Fuji Remote Camera application. Then, the micro USB port is to connect the remote release cable and it can be used to charge the battery directly.

What makes X-A20 different with X-A3?

After reading about Fujifilm X-A20, as the comparison Fuji Company also has the other kind of camera namely Fujifilm X-A3. For this camera, X-A3 is a type of mirrorless camera which has the similar appearance with the Fujifilm X-A20.

It is a friendly and modish camera with kit FUJINON XC eyeglasses about 16-50 mm F3.5-5.6 OIS II, and 3 inch of touch screen LCD. For the sensor of camera X-A3, it has bigger sensor than X-A20 in 24 MP with APS-C CMOS.

Then, the users can upgrade the ISO Fujifilm of X-A3 from 200-600 into 25.600 to save file in RAW format. Alike with Fujifilm X-A20, Fujifilm X-A3 is also available to record full HD video in frame up to 60/second. The video camera of X-A3 is recorded in MOV format with the compression about H.264 and PCM linier audio stereo.

What are the great features of Fujifilm camera X-A3?

Features of mirrorless camera
Camera Fujifilm X-A3

Similar to X-A20, the first feature of this camera is available for selfie-mode. The LCD monitor in X-A3 can be flipped to 180o which is probably for the users to check the expression composition face before snapshot. Furthermore, the users can use the button dial mode in back panel to operate AF and shutter for taking photos simply and easily.

The second feature is image quality that combine the best resolution (24 MP) and the newest APS-C sensor with image processing engine to achieve the best photo quality. This camera is also very excellent to reproduce the skin tones become the best option to capture the subject. Therefore, this camera has 11 film simulations.

The third feature is super intelligent flash system. The mirrorless camera Fujifilm X-A3 is built-in pop-up flash to control the lighting output according to the individual scene. Through this feature, it helps the users to get the natural lighting and color when captured on backlit action or people below on the sun light.

The next feature is new touch screen and macro photography. At the back of mirrorless camera LCD, the users can activate the touch screen such as touch AF, touch shoot, and touch zoom using pinch out finger sign.

Then about the macro photography, this camera has kit XC 16-50 mm F3.5-5.6. It can focus on subject in distance at least 7 cm from the kit front edge.

The last feature is same as camera X-A20. This camera has a capability for Wi-Fi built in to connect the camera for on the spot printing and sharing photos to smartphone. Even, this camera can be used to activate remote shooting.


As the conclusion, both Fujifilm camera X-A20 and X-A3, mostly there are some same features such as selfie mode, macro photography, wireless communication, touch screen, and full HD video recording.

Therefore, overall the image quality from X-A20 is as similar as X-A3 although they have different sensor between 16.3 MP and 24 MP. For the video quality, X-A20 only has 30 fps than 60 fps for X-A3. Not only on those differences, the film simulation is 15 filters on X-A20 and 11 on X-A3.

In additional comparison, camera X-A20 has group selfie portrait while camera X-A3 does not have it. Based on the review and comparison of Fujifilm camera X-A20 and X-A3, hopefully this article can give benefit to the readers.

Hence, it also can be a consideration for the readers who want to buy mirrorless camera without any hesitation. The readers no need to worry because Fujifilm is the best camera to choose for saving your great moments with your beloved family, friends or others. (fs)

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