How to Treat Green Water Swimming Pool

Typical problem that commonly occurs on un-well maintained swimming pool is green water. If it occurs on your pool, well definitely it’s not a good news. Besides affecting on the aesthetical aspect but Green Water Swimming Pool is not good for the health as well.

We can easily feel it from small thing such as itch on the skin after swim in it, dry skin problem, fungus, and many more. And the worst thing is, green water swimming pool can lead to more serious health problem if we keep continuously swim in it in a very long time period.

What Causes Green Water Swimming Pool

It is generally known that the green color is caused by algae, microscopic creatures that spread all over the water. This creature has extremely small size, but it reproduces in such a massive and uncontrollable way, especially in the supportive environment.

That’s why it doesn’t take long time for swimming pool water to turn green if it’s not well maintained.

And if you have the same issue with your swimming pool, quick action needs to be taken before it gets serious. However, it’s not that simple to get rig out of it.

There is special treatment required to remove algae out of the pool and prevent its growth. And most of the time, pool owner need experts support to do this because this is not the procedure that is commonly acknowledged by pool owner.

But, if you want to do this alone by yourself, following activities are the simple way that can be done to get rid out of algae in your swimming pool.

Solving Green Water Swimming Pool Problem with Chlorine Shock Method

Chemical is the most effective way to remove algae from swimming pool water. Besides, it can also stop the growth and reproduction of algae in instant.

However, we can not just add the chemicals into our pool water without any consideration. There is specific dose and requirements that needs to be considered in order to make the chemicals works effectively and safe for those who swim in it.

Chlorine is not a strange substance in in swimming pool maintenance. This is generally used in the regular pool maintenance. However, if the Green Water issue is already in un-tolerable stage, we can’t just apply regular maintenance dose of Chlorine to get rid out of it. But, we need special treatment called chlorine shock.

To eradicate Green Water Swimming Pool issue by using chlorine shock method, first we need to drain the swimming pool. After it is drained, we can see some areas on the pool tiles that have overgrown algae.

The indication is pool tiles turns green like there is moss on it. To get rid out of this, we can spread or pour chlorine on these areas only. Then, by using glove and brush, you need to brush the pool surface till it’s cleaned and the greenish color is removed.

Focus on the gap between tiles or mosaic, because this is the place where algae usually start to grow.

After this step is done, you can fill the pool water again. Then, the next step is re-organizing the chemical composition in the swimming pool. Again, before doing it you need to consider the safety aspect.

Don’t forget to wear safety equipment such as masks, gloves, etc. because you will be in direct contact with hazardous chemicals.

How to Treat Green Water Swimming Pool
How to Treat Green Water Swimming Pool /

To reorganize the chemical composition, firstly we need to adjust the PH into standard level. If the pH level is above 7.6 ppm, add a sodium bisulfate-like substance.

After PH is in standard level, pour chlorine again for shock treatment. Chlorine contains sodium hypochlorite / calcium hypochlorite / lithium hypochlorite, and these are the suitable substance to do chlorine shock to eradicate Green Water Swimming Pool problem.

For your information, there are many forms of chlorine. You can find it in form of tablet, granular, or liquid. However, Liquid Chlorine is more appropriate for this shock treatment.

Avoid using chlorine tablets / granular because they contain stabilizers which should not be added to swimming pools in large quantities. About the dose, again, you need to consult with experts. Usually, dose will be adjusted to pool size and water volume.

Getting Rid Out of Green Water Swimming Pool Using Algaecide

If it is still so difficult to remove algae using chlorine shock treatment, then algaecide can be a good option to consider. Yes, Algaecide is made for this purpose, so people prefer to use algaecide than doing chlorine shock due to the effectivity.

However, the use of algaecide to remove algae in swimming pool is relatively pricey. This substance is usually offered in expensive price compared to the regular chemicals.

And one thing to consider is that usually, algaecide is made for specific type of algae. So, you need to pay more attention on what type of algae that causes you Green Water Swimming Pool issue, in order to get the best fit of algaecide. Otherwise, it won’t work effectively.

Just like when we do chlorine shock, in applying algaecide we need to drain the pool water first. After the pool is drained, then we need to brush the pool floor and wall using iron or nylon brush.

Ordinary brush can also be used, even though we’ll need extra effort if we use ordinary brush. Brush all the areas on pool wall and floor that look greenish, as that’s the part where algae is started to grow.

After brushing process is finished, we can fill the pool water again, then adjust the PH into standard level (7.2 – 7.6 ppm). Add chlorine in larger dose as in the shocking treatment.

In the meantime, make sure the filter system continues to run for 24 hours straight. Wait for 12 to 24 hours, and see if the algae that sticks on the surface or bottom of the pool are lifted. If it’s not, then you can add the dose of chlorine.

After the algae dies and lifted, the color will turn white or grayish. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the debris and remnants so that they do not flow to the filter.

After this process is done, we need to test the chemical composition on the water. It should be; chlorine is within 1-3 ppm, Ph level is within 7.2 – 7.6 ppm and Alkalinity within 80-120 ppm.

After this composition is achieved, you can add algaecide chemicals every week to prevent the return of algae growth. Avoid using the pool until the algae is completely dead and the chlorine level has been at a safe level (3 ppm or less).

Those are the steps that can be done to solve and prevent Green Water Swimming Pool. However, as mentioned before, those steps are not simple and require guidance at first.

So, if you have the same issue but has no time of executing those steps, you can contact nearest swimming pool contractor in your area. Hope this article can be beneficial, and don’t forget to comment, like, or share.

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