Swimming Pool Alarm System; How Does It Work and Why Needed

Swimming Pool Alarm System – Having a swimming pool at the back or front yard of the house may be a dream for many people. Imagine, how many activities we can do there; do swimming obviously, holding a party around, or simply just make it as a quiet place to relax along the day. However, there is one aspect that we have to pay more attention to; safety.

Yes, just like other house facilities, swimming pool does not only require aesthetic aspect, but also safety. As pool owner, we need to be aware that not all people, or all animals, can swim.

So, we need to prevent someone, or something to accidentally falls into the pool. Especially because this is a serious case that can possibly lead to the worst scenario.

To prevent someone or something to accidentally falls into the pool, many people choose to do traditional way by installing pool cover or installing fence around the pool. Yes, this is effective.

But, some may say this is is not very practical, complicated even. So, we need to find something that is more effective and easy to install without requiring us to do complicated step.

More than that, it doesn’t affect so much on the design or aesthetic aspect of the swimming pool. So, here is an alternative that we can do; Installing Swimming Pool Alarm System.

Swimming Pool Alarm System; How Does It Work?

Swimming Pool Alarm System is basically a device to detect movement in the swimming pool. So, pool owner can be notified earlier if there’s an unwanted object falls down into the pool.

The mechanism is pretty simple. In its operation, swimming pool alarm uses infrared radiation to detect movement. Infrared will be radiated at the certain height of the pool. If there is something passes through the light, it will trigger the alarm to ring.

Nowadays, there are two kinds of alarm system that are available in the market. The first one is Surface alarm. As its name, surface alarm can be installed on the surface of the pool, not in the water.

Usually this kind of alarm has wider range of coverage because by placing it on the surface, means that light can travel to more far distance.

Remember science? Air is a more effective medium for light travel, compared to the water that has higher molecular density. However, with this benefits, it doesn’t mean that it has the negative side.

This kind of alarm is very easy to distract. For example, if there’s something floating on the pool surface such as leaves, plastic balloon, toys, etc. the alarm will ring. Some pool owner doesn’t really like this mechanism because many times, the alarm can ring for no significant reason.

The second one is Swimming pool alarm that is installed under the surface. Usually, there’s information about on which specific depth the alarm needs to be installed, and the infrared light will be radiated in this specific depth only.

Alarm will ring if there’s something passing through that depth. This kind of mechanism is more effective to avoid to avoid unwanted distraction such as leaves or plastic.

But, the coverage of this kind of alarm is not as wide as surface alarm. So, you probably need to installed more devices to cover the whole pool area.

wireless swimming pool alarm system

Furthermore, most of Swimming Pool Alarm system are also equipped with wireless connection.

After getting movement signal, transceiver in the alarm will wirelessly transmit the signal into base station or speaker that is placed somewhere inside the house.

So, pool owner can hear the alarm rings and do further action. Even for some products, now it’s been completed with advance wireless technology that can be connected to pool owner mobile phone or other personal device. In this case, usually they use wireless technology such as WiFi, Bluetooth, or even cellular.

Benefits of Installing Swimming Pool Alarm System

Talking about benefits, there are many benefits from installing an alarm system in the swimming pool. And to encourage you to do so, here are some benefits that can be considered:

Preventing Kids from Falling Off to the Pool

Having little Kids and Swimming pool don’t really go well together. When having a kids, especially if the kid is still not being able to swim, we need to get extra safety around the pool.

Yes, installing fence or pool cover will be very effective. But, if you install swimming pool alarm system, it will be more and more effective.

This is a double security, that will be very effective to prevent bad scenario in case the kid can pass through the swimming pool fence.

By installing Swimming Pool Alarm System, parents can monitor more effectively in case the kid is going in into the pool.

Protecting Your Animals from Falling Off

Without proper supervision, animals can falls off to the swimming pool. So, if you have pets for example, we need to prevent them from falling off into the pool. Some animals like dogs, they are naturally swimmer.

However, before getting able to swim, they need to be trained first. So, if your animal is still not able to swim, swimming pool alarm system can be a choice so you can do quick follow up in case the animal falls down to the pool.

Besides, this alarm can prevent unwanted animals from the wild to coming in into the pool.

Complying With Applicable Law

In some countries, installing Swimming Pool Alarm System, especially in open environment, is an obligation. This way is taken by authorities due to the high case of falling off to the pool.

So, installing this system can avoid you from any sanction. But, even if this rule is not officially applied in your areas, installing this alarm system will still bring many benefits to keep your property out of the problem.

Lastly, from the explanation above we can conclude that installing Swimming Pool Alarm System can bring many benefits for the pool owner. As owner, we can’t just pay attention at the aesthetic aspect only; making the pool water clean and clear is not enough.

But, we need to make sure the safety and security of our property to avoid bad scenarios to happen. So, are you interested to install this Swimming Pool Alarm System?

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