A Guidance of Approval Testing Standard for GSM Technology

Most of the phone we use employs GSM technology. When we browse on the internet, we may use the this kind of network too. Even some modern accessories such as smart watch also use GSM to be able to communicate.

Therefore, we can say that GSM has the wide range of usage, and almost every person in this world wide use it for communicating with each other, for sharing information, and for other kinds of purposes. And by this fact, GSM has become something that can’t be separated from our life.

But, do we know what GSM technology Actually is?

Approval Test Standard for GSM Technology.
global system for mobile communications

May be some of you do, and some of you don’t. And if you are classified to the one who don’t really understand about this matter, let’s improve our understanding here.

This article is going to talk about GSM briefly. So, you better get seated, and listen.

Global System for Mobile Communication, or usually abbreviated as GSM, is actually a standard which was developed by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute). The aim in developing this kind of standard is to describe 2G protocols of mobile phone cellular networks.

This is the protocol that was created to replace the analog cellular networking or first generation protocols (1G). Firstly spread in Finland in 1991, in 2014 this standard has become a world standard for mobile phone cellular network. By this assignation, GSM technology has been succeeded in reaching 90% of market share in 219 countries, including Indonesia.

Further, it is generally known that before marketed in certain country, Telecommunication technology needs to get approval certification. And it is also applied to GSM technology. Especially in Indonesia, this technology needs to get the certification from the related authorities.

In this case, Directorate General of Post and Telecommunication is the one that should take care of this certification. And for you the manufacturer of products that use GSM technology in it, below explanation may be useful for your references.

GSM Technology Requirements to Obtain SDPPI Type Approval Certification

Approval Test Standard for GSM Technology
global system for mobile communications

In the GSM certification, there are several requirements that should be followed. These are the mandatory requirements for all devices that adopt GSM Technology in it. And for all manufacturers who are about to market their GSM products in Indonesia they need to fulfill these requirements. So, if you are one of these manufacturers, below are the requirements for GSM in Bahasa.


And for the English version, we have resumed the regulation about GSM Technology above, into the following PDF.


Above is the requirements that should be followed when you are about to apply SDPPI type Approval Certification for GSM Products. And for more detail information about SDPPI Type Approval Certification in Indonesia, you can contact us in the contact list in this website.

Finally, we hope that this article could be helpful and useful for you in marketing your Product in Indonesia. Read more about Bluetooth Testing Standard.

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