WCDMA Network Testing Requirements for SDPPI Type Approval

For over years, Indonesia has been the potential marketplace for the manufacturers in the world. It has been a target for marketing so many kinds of products, including post and telecommunication product. Especially for several years ago, when 3G network is on top of the popularity, WCDMA Network has been the wanted features for mobile phone. By employing this kind of network, mobile phone will be able to run in 3G Network, so it has the better quality of data transfer. So, in order to introduce you to what WCDMA Network actually is, here is the brief explanation about it.

WCDMA Network, a Faster Version of GSM

Sometimes people confuse about CDMA and WCDMA Network. They even sometimes generalize both of the technology. While basically, they are different. WCDMA stands for Wideband Code-Division Multiple Access.

It is usually written by adding dash sign between W and C, or W-CDMA. Some people also call it as UMTS which stands for (Universal Mobile Technology System). This is a third generation of GSM, and it is also not compatible with the CDMA2000.

What is offered WCDMA Network is that faster connection, better data transfer, better quality of output, and many other. And especially for the data transfer, WCDMA has the speed rate about 384 kbps, and it is predicted to increase until 10 Mbps. Moreover, WCDMA Network also employs Wideband-AMR (Adaptive Multi Range), for the better sound codification. Therefore, the sound produced will be clearer and better that the previous version of GSM.

WCDMA Networks Needs SDPPI Type Approval Certification in Indonesia

WCDMA Network, a Faster Version of GSM

As we all know, type approval certification is needed when a certain product are about to be distributed in certain country, for both name and requirements. This kind of type approval certification is also different for each country. And for Indonesia, the name of the TA certification is SDPPI Type Approval Certification. This certification is handled by Directorate General of Post and Telecommunication Technology (SDPPI). And the regulation about it is the Indonesian regulation No. 18 Tahun 2014.

In the regulation above, it is clearly stated that every telecommunication device that is still being produced, assembled, used, and traded I Indonesia, is mandatory to obtain SDPPI Type Approval Certification. And since obviously, the device that employs WCDMA network is classified as telecommunication device, so it needs to obtain SDPPI Type Approval certification first before distributed in Indonesia.

The requirements To Obtain SDPPI Type Approval Certification for WCDMA Network Device

While for the requirements, WCDMA Network has some requirements that should be fulfilled before this product is marketed in Indonesia. The requirements are stated in the PERDIRJEN POSTEL Number: 173/DIRJEN/2009. Here is the full version of this PERDIRJEN in Indonesian.


And for you the English speaker person, we have resumed and translated the WCDMA network requirements into English. So, here is the summary of this PERDIRJEN.


That’s all you need to know about the WCDMA Network requirements. Therefore, if you are manufacturer of communication device which employs WCDMA Technology, you better to pay attention at the requirements above.

So, your product can get through the test easily, and can be marketed in Indonesian market as soon as possible. In closing, we hope this article is useful, and it can be a reference for you in doing business in Indonesia. Thank you.

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