What is Fixed RFID Reader and When You Need It

Fixed RFID reader, narmadi.com. The use of RFID reader is getting viral nowadays. Not only because of its functionality, many people think that this device is really helpful for their business in tracking their goods.

Therefore, there is no wonder if this kind of technology is used for both small and big scale industries. And as a result, there are so many new inventories on this product to fulfill the needs of the marke, including fixed RFID Reader.

Even though, nowadays, many manufacturers combine the fixed RFID reader with the mobile one. Therefore, this reader can be used in fixed mode and mobile mode when it’s really needed to be mobile.

However, many manufacturers nowadays also offer fully automated RFID reader. This is the kind of RFID reader that keeps on tracking all of the inventories.

But the thing is the installation of this kind of the device is quite difficult and tricky. Therefore, for any industries, they prefer to choose between mobile RFID reader and the fixed one.

And to help you in deciding when you should choose the fixed RFID reader, here are some circumstances when kind of devices will be absolutely needed for your industry.

Firstly, you need to choose the fixed RFID reader when your industry has no limitation of space and it receives several or many packages each day. Especially when the packages hard-to-red items like small piece clothes and jewelry, this devices will be terribly necessary.

What is Fixed RFID Reader and When You Need It
Fixed RFID Reader

Secondly, you really need to choose fixed RFID reader when the staff in your company doesn’t need to influence in the reading process. Further, as stated before, you need to use this kind of reader when your company has no limitation in space.

It is because enough space will make you able to place the fixed RFID reader in a strategic place. Therefore, this reader can read the RFID code more effectively.

And lastly, the fixed RFID reader will be perfect to be used when the reading and writing process happen in the same area. By using it, the goods tracking will be more effective. Company can track whether the items is carried to a certain place such as fitting room or to another places in the store.

Fixed RFID Reader Needs to obtain SDPPI Type Approval before Marketed in Indonesia

What is Fixed RFID Reader and When You Need It
the used of Fixed RFID

The market share of fixed RFID reader is turning big, especially in Indonesia. Nowadays we can see that the development of both small and big scale industries which use this devices (RFID technology) is getting more rapid too. That’s why, automatically there will be so many RFID company target Indonesia as their market place.

But one thing these manufacturers should remember, that their fixed RFID reader products need to obtain SDPPI type approval certification.

This is based on the Indonesian regulation number 18 2014 about post and telecommunication device. Here, it is stated that every communication devices that still being produced, assembled, used, and traded in Indonesia, is mandatory to obtain SDPPI type approval certification.

Some Popular Brands

In the market, there are many fixed RFID brands, especially when the order toward this product is rising high. All of these brands are offering their own features and functionality.

And to help you in dealing with the various options, here are some brands that can be considered to choose. They are Intermec, Zebra, Atlas, ThinkMagic, Motorola, Impinj, Alien, Speedway, and Unitech.

Even though, we still believe that there are still so many brands in the market which have high level of quality. Therefore, if you have any idea about what brands they are, we welcome you to contact us in the contact list of this website.

Finally, we hope that this article could be useful for you. And if you have any opinion about this fix reader, let’s discuss it in the comment session below. Thank you.

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