Germany Breakthrough: Voigtlander Digital Camera

It has always been so breath-taking to know something new in the photography world. Regardless it is about photography equipment, photography complement, and others photographical stuff, the news about it always take too many attention.

Especially for those who are working in this field, the presence of something new in photography must be something waited. And now, we just heard that one of the world’s well-known lens manufacturer, Voigtlander, is about to build its own camera line. Then, how the Voigtlander digital camera would be? Here is the explanation about it.

be ready for the germany breakthrough voigtlander digital camera

The History Line of Voigtlander Digital Camera

Voigtlander, is actually an optical company based inGermany. This company was founded by Johann Christoph Voigtlander in 1756 at Vienna, and becomes the oldest camera brand.

In early production, 1840 to be exact, this brand has been succeeding in producing Petzval Photographic lens. This was the lens that has f/3.7 aperture, and classified as the fastest lens in that era.

Further, a year later, in 1841, this company also produced the first daguorrotype all-metal camera. After the sales of these products are surprisingly high, in the 1849, the company opened its brand new office in Braunschweig.

With this long history in producing lens, we wonder how the Voigtlander digital camera would be.

be ready for the germany breakthrough voigtlander digital camera

To predict how the new product would look like, we need to see the portfolios of the manufacturer. If these portfolios are reflecting success, then the next product has the bigger possibility to create the same success too. In the case of Voigtlander, we know that this brand has created a big success in becoming the leading company of camera equipment.

This manufacturer is even included to the first manufacturer that using first zoom lens camera. So, seeing the achievements that Voigtlander has made, we can really bet that the Voigtlander digital camera will be so great.


Voigtlander in a Germany company, where digital camera becomes its specialization. Just take a look at some digital camera brand such as Leica.

As a Germany company, Leica has been succeeding in breaking the domination of Japanese brand such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, and others.

With the high quality of product, Leica even becomes world’s valuable camera brands. Paired with the high quality of features and material, many people have made this camera brand as their favorite.

And this is what we expect to happen on the Voigtlander digital camera too. With the high reputation, we hope that this digital camera brand will be as epic as its Germany pal.

Then, what can be expected from Voigtlander digital camera if they really build this product line? Of course, as the high quality-lens producer, we expect the digital camera with the high lens quality and bigger resolution.

Moreover, we also put the Germany-strong built camera on the list. With all of the experience it has, we hope that this digital camera line will keep the market competitiveness stays in he high tension.

And finally, seeing that the product portfolios of the Voigtlander is actually pretty good, we hope that the company will be able tp create the competitive digital camera product with quality.

2 thoughts on “Germany Breakthrough: Voigtlander Digital Camera”

  1. Since over twenty years Voigtlaender is no more a independent business (unlike few other German optics companies, Leica and Zeiss are) but a brand name belonging to Japanese company, Cosina. Cosina produced amateur compact digital cameras, which in European markets were offered under the brandname Voigtlaender) until ca. 2010. I still remember my digital Voigtlaender bought in a black, artificial leather 250th anniversery box, during my trip to West Germany in 2006. Unfortunatelly this product line couldn’t compete with rising wave of smartphone cameras. Recently another Voigtlaender’s historic product line, Bessa, famous medium size film cameras, has been extinct, too. Luckilly Cosina/Voigtlaender still makes great lenses but I rather would be skeptical to hope see digital Voigtlaender born again, at least during this decade. The issues related to long conception of a new digital Zeiss mirrorless camera and its, frankly, very critital reviews show how such a task could be difficult today.


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