An Explanation of Short Range Device and Its Application

Short range device, – One of the problems in the technology is that sometimes people don’t really understand about technology they are using. As a result, they know nothing when something unusual happen to their devices.

Indeed, it is actually not really necessary to understand about the technology detail of our device. But, if we know the basic information of if, at least we will understand what we should do when something weird occur. And this is the case that usually happens on the Short Range Device.

Short Range Device, or usually called SRD is an electronic device which transmits radio frequency for data transmission.

The radio frequency used here should be the one that has low capability to cause interference to the other devices that also work based on the radio frequency.

This kind of device usually employs low power transmitter to avoid such kind of interference. The power typically is ranged between 25-100 mW for ERP (effective radiated power) or less than that.

The amount of this power usually depends on the frequency band used by the device itself. By limiting the range of usage to be only few hundred meters, this device doesn’t need user’s license.

With this specification, Short Range Device module can be applied in several kinds of devices.

Some of them are access control such as gate and door opener, detector and alarm, NFC, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, CCTV, Medical implants, LAN, and telemetry.

Moreover, Short Range Device is also used in several other aspects such as traffic sign, barcode reader, industrial control, car keys, sensor, movement and motion detector, and many others. With the wide range of usage, we can understand that this technology is really important.

Short Range Device Need To Obtain SDPPI Type Approval Before Marketed in Indonesia

An Explanation of Short Range Device and Its Application
Examples of short range devices product

As we all know, every single post and telecommunication device need to obtain certification when they are about to be distributed in certain country.

And for Indonesian market, SDPPI type approval is the kind of certification that should be obtained before the post and telecommunication devices are distributed around the nation.

Therefore, every manufacturers that are about to distribute their post and telecommunication devices should obtain this certification before dealing with Indonesian market.

Further, it is generally known that Short Range Device (SRD) employs frequency to get work. In other words, it is classified as the post and telecommunication devices.

And based on the Indonesian Regulation No. 161 Tahun 2019 about telecommunication devices certification, every communication device that still being produced, assembled, used and traded in Indonesian territory, is mandatory to have type approval certification.

In closing, there are several ways in getting SDPPI Type Approval. Each of them has their own positive and negative sides. Firstly, manufacturers can process this certification by itself.

Of course, this way will be a little bit complicated. It is because dealing with the local bureaucracy is not something easy.

Therefore, sometimes manufacturer prefer to use the second way, it is by the help of local agent. By using agent, everything will be easy since all of the procedure will be done by the agent.

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