Immobilizer, Your Car Protector Agent

To prevent cars from being stealth, manufacturers have installed immobilizer device in their products.

This is an electronic device that will block the engine of the car to start unless the user presents the correct password (key).

With this device, the number of car loss can be decreased significantly. Moreover, many people also consider that this device is more effective than audio alarm. To know more complete definition of immobilizer, click here.

One of the attraction of immobilizer is that owner doesn’t need to activate this since its operation is fully automatic. And because there is no person intervention is needed to make this device works, so it is considered as passive anti-theft.

As a result of this maximum safety, most of the auto-insurance companies lower their rates for vehicles which are equipped with this device.

Recent report in Australia has also shown that three of four thefts on vehicles were happened to old cars. This happens since old car usually don’t have immobilizer features in it.

Or indeed, these cars have this feature, but it’s too old so it’s easy to break. This is why immobilizer becomes something important not only in Australia, but also in around the world.

This technology was invented firstly by Edward Birkenbuel and ST. George Evans, than got its patent in 1919. Then, this technology developed so fast due to its high functionality.

Until in January 1st 1998, Germany made immobilizer mandatory for all new cars that will be distributed there. Then, United Kingdom follows the steps and made it mandatory since October 1st 1998, Finland in1998, Australia in 2001, and Canada in 2007.

Early immobilizer employs static code in the key ignition, and the code will be recognize by RFID loop on the lock barrel. Then, it checked against the Engine Control Unit (ECU) of the vehicles for a match.

If there is no matching code, ECU will let ignition taking the place and won’t allow the fuel flow. But, on the new model, this device uses advance cryptography or rolling codes to prevent code copying from both ECU and key.

Not only cars, but nowadays motorcycle also uses this device for the sake of safety. It was Honda, who firstly introduced this technology in 1990s into their products.

This product could raise the sale number and created more profit for the company back then. Made other motorcycle manufacturer following it step to include immobilizer in their product.

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Immobilizer Requires SDPPI Approval


As stated above, this device uses RFID technology to recognize the static code in the key ignition. And there are many possibilities that as the technology grows, it will have another frequency-based feature in it.

Based on the Indonesian regulation, every single device that uses RFID in it is classified as post and telecommunication device.

As quoted from Indonesian new SRD regulation No. 161 Tahun 2019 about telecommunication devices certification, every communication device that still being produced, assembled, used and traded in Indonesian territory, is mandatory to have type approval certification.

Therefore, we can conclude that immobilizer should obtain SDPPI Approval before it is marketed in Indonesia.

Well Known Immobilizer Manufacturers

Except getting immobilizer include in the car package, you can also buy this device separately. Especially for you who have an old car which has no immobilizer features in it, this list could be useful.

But, before you decide to buy one of these manufacturer’s product, it is better for you to consult with your mechanic about the compatibility of your car and the immobilizer itself.

Here are the manufacturer that you can choose in getting the device. They are EASYGUARD, Directed Electronics, Auto Page, Guarder, Directed Electronics, Idatalink, Steelmate, Silca SBB, Carbar, and others. However, the brands list above is too narrow if we compare to the number of immobilizer brands in the world.

So, if you are manufacturing this amazing product, and you think your brand has good quality and deserve to be placed on above list, you can contact us right away.

Or, just put your opinion on the comment section below. Hopefully this article could help you in deciding which Immobilizer is best for you. And after all, may it be a lesson for you to be a smart consumer.

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  1. The new type of immobilizers was invented some years ago. It’s CAN immobilizer called IGLA produced by Author Alarm company.
    The lock is made via the CAN bus, so no circuit is physically cut off. Depending on the brand and model of the car, it is able to lock: engine, gearbox, accelerator pedal, etc. The device provides a very high level of protection even when the thief holds the key or copies the keyless key.
    Authentication is done automatically through a dedicated smartphone application (using an encrypted Bluetooth connection) or by pre-programmed key sequences in the car (steering wheel, pan, air conditioning, esp, etc.).

    • Hi Alexander,

      Thank you very much for leaving a comment. I glad that you have added some useful information at here.
      Byway might I know whether this IGLA technology already got approval in some country?



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